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Nearly all legal cases are resolved without a trial. However, in most cases, it takes expensive discovery and depositions, expensive trial preparation, and countless delays before that point is achieved. Mediation has been shown to be a highly efficient and cost-effective approach for resolving civil lawsuits without a jury trial’s significant expense and unpredictability. These factors account for why mediating a settlement in a rising group of family law cases in North Carolina is turning into an increasingly prevalent option. Mediation is commonly used to resolve property, money, and child custody disputes.

Mediation may be required if the parties can’t agree on a solution to their disagreement. A mediator, a third party who is impartial and assists the parties in their negotiations, is involved in mediation. Everyone involved wants the parties to settle their disagreement and reach a settlement as their main objective. King Law provides low-cost mediation services for both family law and Superior Court cases. Our Asheville mediation attorneys have extensive experience in family law and civil litigation and are ready to support you during this troubling time.

What Is Mediation and How Does It Work in Asheville?

According to North Carolina General Statute, unless the court waives mediation, all incidents involving contested child custody and visitation matters of minor children will be forwarded to the Custody Mediation and Visitation Program.

A third party “mediator” is present during the mediation process to assist in identifying the problems and coming up with solutions. A mediator is a skilled and accredited professional who is impartial and has no vested interest in the result. Instead of enforcing a solution, a competent mediator will collaborate with the parties to arrive at an enduring, consensual, and binding decision. Mediations, unlike trials, are not open to the public.

If a parenting agreement is reached outside of court, mediation can help parents avoid going to court, saving time, money, and the pressure of a child custody trial. The family court judge may review a mutual agreement between the parties, who may then decide to include it in a court order. You must attend an orientation class to prepare for mediation and at least one mediation session to participate. The mediation process can be finished in a few hours or may take several sessions. In most cases, the courts will provide free custody mediation to parents.

What Are the Goals of Mediation?

The least contentious process, mediation, enables the disputing parties to come to a formalized legal settlement through a non-adversarial process. It allows them to work together to mediate their discrepancies, identify their needs and expectations, and determine their wants. This is the most cost-effective method and gives you the most control over the situation.

The main objectives of mediation are:

  • Reduce any resentment between the parties
  • To reach an equitable and sound agreement between the parties
  • To provide a safe space for spouses to communicate their views and needs
  • Allowing the parties to retain some control over the settlement of their dispute
  • To save time, stress, and money on the litigation process

Mediation does not always work. If the parties engage in mediation but are unable to reach a settlement, the case may be heard in court. An Asheville mediation attorney can assist in facilitating the discussion and preventing the case from spiraling out of order. Mediators are adept at helping couples try to find common ground so that they are prepared to listen to each other and understand their perspectives.

What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

Everybody avoids getting into legal disputes. Even if your case is tried in front of a judge or jury, litigation is costly, can disrupt your life, can be stressful, and has no promise of success. A mediation allows parties to come to a mutually agreeable “settlement” to end their conflict. If parties can reach a settlement during mediation, court case uncertainties are avoided, trial costs are kept to a minimum, and the pressure, worry, and distraction that come with litigation and trial are eliminated.

Even if a settlement cannot be attained, the mediation process may enable the parties and their lawyers to focus on case-specific concerns that could help cut down on expenses and expedite the civil suits. After a mediation settlement conference, the parties almost always have a clearer understanding of their current situation. Mediation offers a quicker resolution than going to court to drag out a conflict so that you can move on with your life without being concerned about a family or civil dispute. Some of the benefits of partnering with King Law for mediation services in Asheville include the following:

  • A timelier resolution
  • Reduced court and litigation costs
  • avoiding lengthy court appearances
  • Preventing unexpected court or jury decisions

King Law’s mediators are ready to put their expertise to work for you. Contact us today if you need professional assistance resolving your family, civil, or business disputes in Asheville, North Carolina.

Contact an Affordable Asheville Mediation Attorney at King Law

People frequently believe that hiring lawyers and going to court is the only option for resolving a dispute, whether it be a family, divorce, or civil issue. Although there are advantages to the court system, it can also be costly, time-consuming, ineffective, and, most importantly, unpredictable. In contrast, mediation enables parties to quickly, effectively, and, most importantly, mutually agreeable resolutions. The parties to a dispute are the best qualified to determine their needs, and mediation enables them to work out a settlement that meets those needs.

King Law can assist you in finding the most effective resolution to your dispute if you require an experienced and knowledgeable mediator for a domestic or civil court in Asheville. Our competent team of attorneys has assisted numerous people in resolving their disputes without the cost and pressure of court litigation because we are North Carolina-certified Family Financial and Superior Court Mediators. Our devoted private mediators are available to assist you with all of your family law issues anywhere in Asheville, North Carolina. To schedule one of our mediators or reserve a mediation conference location, please call (888) 748-5464 or (888) 748-KING. You can also fill out our contact form.