Wills & Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan allows you to control what happens to your property after you’re gone. It can also give you peace of mind because you’ll know what kind of legacy you’ll leave behind for your family.

Our estate planning attorneys can help you with wills, powers of attorney, and trusts. We offer estate planning packages as well as customized estate planning to meet your needs.

If you have an existing estate plan, we can review your documents and determine if any updates or additional planning is needed. We offer our wills and estates services at multiple office locations throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

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Simple Wills

A simple will is used to leave your property to your spouse and/or children. This type of will is not appropriate for every situation, and you may need a complex will if you’d like any of the following additional options:

  • Leave property to someone other than your children or spouse
  • Create an itemized list of personal belongings
  • If you have a blended family (ie, step families)
  • If you have minor children and wish to designate a guardian
  • If you have minor children and wish to set up a trust
  • If all of your living children are not inheriting equally

If you aren’t sure what type of will you need, our estate planning attorneys can review your case during an initial consultation. If you need to designate a guardian, create a trust, or draft a power of attorney, we can also assist you with these matters.

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Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney gives your chosen agent the power to make certain decisions on your behalf. Two of the most important estate planning documents you can have are a durable power of attorney and a healthcare power of attorney.

A durable power of attorney gives an agent the ability to manage your finances if you become incapacitated. You should choose a family member or someone you trust for this role. They’ll be able to pay your bills, transfer assets, and handle your financial matters while you are unable to do so.

A healthcare power of attorney can make medical decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated. You may also want a living will or advanced healthcare directive to state your specific wishes regarding certain types of medical treatment.

Both of these documents are needed to allow your family to handle your affairs if you become seriously injured or incapacitated. Contact King Law to discuss creating a power of attorney that customized to meet your needs.


Trusts are a legal entity that can be used to hold and manage your property. One of the most common trusts is a revocable living trust, which is often used as a probate avoidance strategy.

Trusts can also serve many other purposes. You could benefit from any of the following types of trusts:

  • Special needs trusts
  • Gun trusts
  • Pet trusts
  • Trusts for minor children
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Charitable trusts

Each trust needs documents to create the trust and state how the property should be managed. You’ll also need to choose a trustee to administer the trust.

Our estate planning attorneys can help explain the benefits of each type of trust. If a trust fits into your estate planning goals, we can draft the trust documents according to your objectives.

Contact King Law to discuss how a revocable living trust or another type of trust can be used in your estate plan.

Estate Planning Packages

We offer three levels of estate planning packages—The Essential Plan, The Stewardship Plan, and The Legacy Plan. Each package offers several important services to cover all of your estate planning needs.

The Essential Plan

At a minimum, everyone should have a simple will, general durable power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and living will.  These documents ensure that you control what happens to your property and who can make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated.

This plan also includes guardianship provisions to address custody of minor children, a HIPPA release, and other important planning documents.  The cost of this plan includes free documents for your spouse.

The Stewardship Plan

Some people need more than the basics and they want a periodic review on their estate plan.  The Stewardship Plan includes everything from the Essential Plan, but it allows for a more detailed will such as a testamentary trust (a trust within the will) which allows you to divide property in ways other than through outright or lump sum bequests.

This plan also provides the option for drafting a life estate (Ladybird deed), a detailed personal information organizer to organize all your important documents, and a nice leather-bound binder to store everything.  Lastly, you will be assigned a Case Manager who will automatically review your file with an attorney every other year and meet with you to discuss any necessary changes or updates.  The cost of this plan also includes free documents for your spouse.

The Legacy Plan

There are other individuals who want greater protection and supervision in developing and maintaining their estate plan.  The Legacy Plan is the most affordable way you can implement a plan to accomplish the most popular estate planning goals.

This plan includes the same options as the Essential and Stewardship Plans, but it provides for the creation of a Living Trust which will allow your family to avoid the expensive burdensome hassle of probate upon your death.  It also includes assistance with funding the trust with your real and personal property.

A trust enables your loved ones to carry out your instructions without court interference and with the privacy of not having to detail all your assets and information in a public forum.  Most importantly, the Legacy Plan includes a Case Manager who will meet with you every year to discuss any needed changes.  The cost of this plan also includes free documents for your spouse.

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If you have minor children, choosing a guardian is one of the most important legal decisions you can make. This person will be responsible for raising your children if you and your spouse both pass away.

If you fail to state who your preferred guardian is, a court will have to make this decision. In some cases, several family members may have to battle in court to determine who gets the right to raise your kids.

A guardianship provision can be included in your last will and testament. We also offer guardianship provisions in all of our estate planning packages.

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Probate & Estate Administration

Our estate planning attorneys can assist executors with the probate and estate administration process after a family member’s death. The probate process can be time-consuming and complex, and our attorneys can offer you guidance during this difficult time.

Executors are charged with filing the last will and testament with the court, identifying all assets and debts of the estate, paying debts and other costs, and distributing the remaining assets according to the will’s terms. The probate process generally takes at least three months, but it can take over a year in certain cases.

You may need legal advice or assistance throughout the probate process. Executors can be held personally liable for estate taxes or fees for late filings, so it’s critical that you seek assistance from qualified professionals throughout this process.

You may also choose to name an attorney as the executor of your estate. This protects your family members from handling this role while they are grieving.

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