Business Law

Whether well-established or recently started, all businesses and government/non-profit agencies must have sound and accessible legal advice to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. The focus of our business lawyers is to help your organization in North Carolina or South Carolina succeed by removing legal obstacles which may stand in your way of achieving critical objectives, and to help you proactively plan to minimize risk.

King Law’s business law attorneys in western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina assists new and emerging businesses with establishing their legal organization, structure, and foundational documentation.  Our clients range from sole proprietorships, family businesses, and limited partnerships to multifaceted corporations and agencies.  Our South Carolina and North Carolina business lawyers understand what is involved in protecting the bottom line, and are well qualified to help you through the complex maze of local, state, and federal regulations.

We offer monthly and annual retainer plans that make it affordable for businesses of any size to access competent legal advice and guidance for matters ranging from simple to complex.  As a corporate attorney in North Carolina and South Carolina, we develop an intimate understanding of each client’s business and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

Let our attorneys help you strengthen your organization with access to highly competent business lawyers in North and South Carolina. Call us at 888-748-KING (5464) or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation.

Business Plans

As a business owner, you never know when a legal issue may arise. You should have a business plan with an attorney for when legal issues arise.

Whether you’re reviewing a complicated legal document or dealing with a disgruntled customer, you need an attorney who will immediately assist you when issues arise. At King Law, our attorneys are experienced in representing local businesses with their legal needs. We offer a business plan that will give you access to an attorney anytime you need one.

Don’t wait until you have legal problems; form a relationship with one of our experienced and reliable attorneys now.

At King Law, we have been representing small business owners for decades.  We represent sole proprietorships, general partnerships, and limited liability companies.  Whether you need assistance in starting your small business, organizing your business, or managing liability concerns within your existing business, we can help.  For new businesses, we offer the Start-up Business Plan to help get your business off the ground.  For existing businesses, we offer the Liability Protection Business Plan to provide ongoing representation and ensure your business is covered.

Start-up Plan
$850*One-time fee
  • Business Formation Documents with Secretary of State (Articles)
  • Governing Agreement
  • (Bylaws or Operating Agreement)
  • A guide to operating your new business
  • 850 *plus filing fee

Collections, Demand Letters, & Judgments

In a perfect world, everyone would pay their bills on time. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. When your clients or customers fail to pay their accounts timely, it affects the whole way you operate business. Delaying to collect is the biggest mistake businesses make. If you wait, you risk that the debtor may move, go out of business, go bankrupt, or that other creditors collect from them first. You also have to be careful to make sure you do not violate the law in your collection techniques by complying with the Fair Debt Collection Act. Contact King Law Offices as soon as accounts become delinquent to ensure your rights are protected. We are experienced in collections and have had success in collecting by sending demand letters and by obtaining judgments.

Incorporation & LLCs

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to incorporate or form a limited liability company (LLC). Failing to do so puts your personal assets at risk and could be sued. Businesses are routinely sued for breach of contract, accidents, and other legal issues. Don’t put your home and your family’s other personal assets at risk. Call King Law today at 888-748-5464 (KING) to discuss options for incorporation or forming an LLC. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting articles of organization, articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreements, board resolutions, filings with the Secretary of State, and other important corporate documents.

Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

How To Form A Non-Profit Corporation And Obtain Tax-Exempt Status

The first thing you should do before starting a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is make sure you have done research and are creating a non-profit organization that is needed. Make sure the goals that you have are reasonable and can be achieved. Also, you will need to pick out a name for your organization and make sure that it has not been used before. You can search on the Secretary of State’s website to determine name availability.

Next, establish a board of directors. Each non-profit organization is required to have a board. It can be made up of only one person, but it is recommended to have more. Once you have selected who will be on your board of directors, the next step is actually forming the organization. First, you should file your articles of incorporation with the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State.

Then, your organization will need bylaws created. These bylaws will need to be adopted by your board of directors. These will govern your organization and make sure everything is ran smoothly, as well as being the go-to document when disagreements and procedure questions arise.

Afterwards, a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) will be needed and application for tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit will follow. Once you achieved federal tax-exempt status, you can apply for state tax exempt status by contacting the NC Department of Revenue and local tax exempt status by contacting your local county tax office.

Also, if you solicit donations for your non-profit, you will need to obtain a Charitable Solicitation license from the Secretary of State’s office. Once all of this is completed and all of the right forms have been submitted, your organization should be created! The process can be long, arduous, and even taxing; therefore, please contact one of the attorneys at King Law to assist you in this new endeavor!

Employment Contracts

As a business owner, protecting your trade secrets or copyrights should be a major concern. You should always attempt to protect any right you have in your intellectual property and your employment contracts should reflect that. Our attorneys can create or review your employee contracts to make sure that your business owns the work made for hire and your trade secrets.

Wanting to start a business outside of the Carolinas?  TRUiC’s guide is a resource for small businesses.