Business Law

King Law’s attorneys in western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina offer a variety of business law services.

Whether well-established or recently started, all businesses and government/non-profit agencies must have sound and accessible legal advice to succeed in today’s dynamic environment.  The focus of our business lawyers is to help your organization in North Carolina or South Carolina succeed by removing legal obstacles which may stand in your way of achieving critical objectives, and to help you proactively plan to minimize risk.

King Law assists new and emerging businesses with establishing their legal organization, structure, and foundational documentation.  Our clients range from sole proprietorships, family businesses, and limited partnerships to multifaceted corporations and agencies.  Our South Carolina and North Carolina business lawyers understand what is involved in protecting the bottom line, and are well qualified to help you through the complex maze of local, state, and federal regulations.

We offer monthly and annual retainer plans that make it affordable for businesses of any size to access competent legal advice and guidance for matters ranging from simple to complex.  As a corporate attorney in North Carolina and South Carolina, we develop an intimate understanding of each client’s business and the challenges and opportunities it faces.

Let us, help you, strengthen your organization with access to highly competent business lawyers for matters in North Carolina and South Carolina such as: