Ext.# First Name Last Name Position
1026 Alex Bailey Case Manager
2004 Alexia Donnelly Case Manager
1405 Alexis Medley Law Clerk
2205 Breanna Brewster Case Manager
1110 Britney Ray Case Manager
2204 Brooke Pavek Case Manager
1407 Chloe Vaughn Case Manager
1108 Devon McCurry Case Manager
1004 Ebony Mosley Case Manager
1402 Jeanne Unangst Case Manager
1602 Jenny Kennedy Case Manager
1802 Josh Mooring Law Clerk
1502 Kelsey Hoyle Case Manager
1705 Kierria Jones Case Manager
1603 Kylan Waters Case Manager
1905 Laura Blevins Case Manager
1501 Lindsey Bright Case Manager
2101 Madison Chapman Case Manager
1903 Maggie Deal Case Manager
2206 Morgan Earp Case Manager
1504 Nicole Jeffrey Case Manager
1028 Patsy Kirkland Case Manager
1702 Rebekah Painter Case Manager
1305 Serena Rodgers Case Manager
1303 Sierra Chase Case Manager
1506 Taylor Pulley Case Manager
1002 Taylor Ruff Case Manager
1006 Brianna Jenkins Client Relations Representative
1013 Lauren Speares Client Relationship Specialist
1010 Ashley Scruggs Client Conversion Team
1008 Linda Minish Client Conversion Team
1011 Rhonda Owens Client Conversion Team
1022 Samantha Oomen Client Conversion Team
1011 SeAnna Harris Client Conversion Team
1018 Bethany Harris Controller
1021 Carissa Health Director of Business Development
1027 Carson Bland Coordinator of Training and Development
1017 Cindy Andrews Financial Director
1031 Hollie Justice Marketing Manager
1015 Kimberly Mullinax General Manager
1030 Laney Luckadoo Administrative Assistant
1025 Rich Sommers Facilities Director
1019 Sharon McMillan Collections Clerk
1003 Shawna Towell Collections Clerk
1104 Stacey Brown Chief Talent Manager