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Understanding the phases of an injury case

1. Treatment

During the treatment phase, you should seek appropriate medical care as soon as possible.  It’s critical to your claim. 

You must follow your doctor’s orders and focus on getting better.  It takes time for your body to recover.  Continue necessary care if you experience ongoing symptoms.  Don’t rush your treatment.  You don’t want to settle too early.


2. Demand

During the demand phase, we will prepare documentation for your review and for the insurance company.

This is a thorough process and may take some time depending on the length of your treatment.  Your case manager will need you to disclose your medical history as the team prepares your demand.  They will collect and review all medical records and bills that are related to the injury.

3. Negotiation

During the negotiation phase, your demand will be sent to the insurance company and your legal team will work to obtain the highest settlement offer.

If an offer is made, you will be contacted by your legal team to discuss the pros and cons.  A counteroffer may be made in an attempt to negotiate a higher settlement offer in your case.

4. Trial

During the trial phase you will work with one of the firm’s partners. A lawsuit will be filed and litigation will begin.  The parties will complete discovery, depositions and mediation. If a settlement can’t be reached, your case will go to trial.

This phase can last days, weeks or months.  Nobody can predict or guarantee the outcome of your case. A judge will determine the law and a jury will decide the amount of money you will be awarded.