Elder Law & Asset Protection

King Law wants to help you preserve your estate and keep your options open.

Senior citizens have unique legal issues. One of the most important problems an elder law attorney can assist you with is determining how you will pay for the high costs of long-term care.

Qualifying for Medicaid and its long-term care assistance is a complex process. However, the benefits of Medicaid eligibility can be worth the time and effort, especially if you do not have other means to pay for long-term care.

The legal consequences of becoming unable to make your own decisions are another key elder law issue. Our elder law attorneys will make sure you have the right documents in place and that your family members are given the proper legal authority to handle your financial and medical decisions.

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Long-Term Care Planning

Every senior should have a plan for paying for long-term care. The costs of long-term care have increased consistency for many years, and it’s possible you and your spouse could end up needing several years of long-term care.

Our elder law attorneys can help you understand your long-term care options. We can also show you how long-term care fits into your overall financial situation and estate plan.

Private insurance is a good option for many people. Generally, premiums are lower if you purchase insurance when you are younger or in better health. If you wait too long, you may have a hard time finding an affordable insurance option.

Medicaid is another long-term care option. However, our elder law attorneys use Medicaid planning only when other options aren’t available. Medicaid has complex eligibility rules, and the quality of care may not be as high as what you would receive with some private insurance options.

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Medicaid Planning

Our elder law firm offers Medicaid planning to clients who need long-term care and don’t have private insurance or the ability to pay out-of-pocket. Medicaid does pay some long-term care costs, but the eligibility rules are complicated and may require some financial maneuvering.

First, our elder law attorneys will make sure you’ve exhausted all of your other long-term care options. Medicaid planning is generally used as a last resort after we’ve determined that private insurance and other options aren’t workable solutions.

We’ll then have to review your entire financial situation. Medicaid has strict assets limits and rules about asset transfers. Fortunately, some assets are exempt and won’t count towards your Medicaid eligibility. Your spouse may also be permitted to have some assets.

Our goal is to make you Medicaid eligible while preserving as many assets as possible. The earlier you start the Medicaid planning process, the better chance you have of retaining assets.

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A guardian is a person appointed by a court to make decisions on behalf of another person (referred to as a ward). The ward must be declared legally incompetent in order for a guardian to be appointed.

Guardianships may be required for seniors who are losing their mental faculties due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other diseases. Our elder law firm can help you through the guardianship process so that you are able to take care of a loved one’s financial or medical decisions.

You may be able to avoid a guardianship with proper estate planning. If your loved one has a valid durable and medical power of attorney, a guardianship may not be necessary.

However, a person can’t sign a power of attorney form once they have lost their mental capacity. If your loved one can no longer understand the consequences of signing a legal document, you may have not other option but to seek a guardianship.

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Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is critical estate planning document for seniors. If you become incapacitated or incapable of handling your own affairs, these documents allow your loved ones to do things like pay bills or make healthcare treatment decisions on your behalf.

Without a valid power of attorney, your family members may be unable to take these actions on your behalf. They would be forced to seek a guardianship, which requires going to court.

Powers of attorney can be drafted to suit your needs. You can give your agent limited powers or the power to do anything you could do yourself. You can also have the power of attorney take effect only upon your incapacitation, or allow your agents to use their powers to help you with day-to-day tasks.

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Estate Planning

Elder law and estate planning go hand-in-hand. Our attorneys can help you with the legal issues you’ll face as a senior while also protecting the legacy you leave behind.

We offer long-term care planning services, estate planning packages, and customized estate plans to meet all of your legal needs. Our elder law attorneys can help you with comprehensive estate planning or with legal advice regarding one or two specific issues.

If you have an existing estate plan, we can review your documents and look for any gaps. We recommend reviewing your documents every few years or whenever a major life event occurs.

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