Criminal Law

King Law’s attorneys in western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina offer a variety of services for criminal law matters.

I want to thank you for the good representation you provided for me. Yes, it was hard to swallow what I was accused of – it not being the truth – But again, thank you for leading me in the right way under the conditions of some of our crazy laws – as you are very familiar. I will be glad to give you a good referral. Thank you again,

– G.C.M., Forest City, NC

We were recently involved the justice system regarding a family member charged with a felony … and we were by no means familiar with the justice system. King Law Attorneys kept us informed and answered all our questions and requests and stayed the course with us, the jury was out a mere 15 minutes and came back with a unanimous verdict of NOT Guilty.Brian King and his fellow attorneys showed compassion, professionalism, and expertise throughout the entire 18 month ordeal. We highly recommend, applaud and thank Brian and his staff for their winning efforts on our behalf and for their thoughtfulness towards our family during this event that no family should have to endure.If you have a case that you need to win … call Brian at King Law …

– R.S., Rutherfordton, NC

Being named as suspect, then investigated, requires a qualified defense attorney. Even if you are just questioned in a criminal affair in North Carolina or South Carolina you deserve the best lawyer. Our attorneys strive to give you the best advice and makes sure the justice system treats you fairly.

Your freedom, license, job, finances and record are too important to risk. Do not compromise by hiring the least expensive legal counsel or trying to defend yourself in court.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a team of  aggressive criminal defense attorneys in North Carolina or South Carolina who will fight to protect your rights. Even if you are being charged with a non-violent crime and have a clean record, the consequences may be more serious than you realize.

Our South Carolina and North Carolina criminal defense attorneys are experienced and hard-hitting litigators, and because the stakes are so high. Put your trust in  King Law Offices today, do not wait until it is too late.

Criminal offenses are generally divided into two categories – felonies and misdemeanors – and may be heard in district or superior court and at the appeals level. The criminal defense attorneys with King Law have notable experience in the full range of criminal law matters in both North Carolina and South Carolina, including: