North Carolina Juvenile Criminal Lawyer

If you are a parent or guardian whose child faces juvenile criminal charges, you may feel frightened and overwhelmed as you think about what the future holds for them if they get convicted of a serious crime. A criminal record can have permanent consequences on your child’s ability to find a job, get into an academic program, or even rent a property.

If your minor has been arrested or is being investigated for a North Carolina juvenile crime, you need to speak with a seasoned juvenile criminal lawyer promptly who can navigate you through the complex justice system and provide legal advice on how to best proceed next. We work diligently to defend your child’s rights and future.

Steps to Take After Your Child Is Arrested in North Carolina

In North Carolina, age is the main determining factor in whether your child is charged as a juvenile or adult. Sixteen and seventeen-year-old minors may be charged as an adult, but only for major crimes. Minors typically can’t be tried as adults for nonviolent crimes, the only exception being for impaired driving. Being arrested as a minor can be a traumatizing experience. When your child is facing an arrest, it is important to follow these steps: 

  • Remember that minors have the same rights as adults 
  • Law enforcement must have probable cause to search 
  • Your child may remain silent during the arrest 
  • You child has the right to ask the reasons for their arrest 
  • Your child has the right to ask and receive counsel
  • They have the right to refuse questioning by law enforcement until they have spoken to an attorney 

Post-arrest, your child cannot be detained and will be released to your custody. Once a minor is charged with a juvenile crime, they are sent to juvenile court services for an evaluation of their crime. Interviews of the family and child will take place by counselors. For first-time nonviolent offenses, the case may be closed if it is deemed that court intervention is not needed. 

Speak with an experienced North Carolina juvenile criminal lawyer for an assessment of your case and for an opportunity to build a strategic defense if your child’s case goes to court or if they are set to be held at a detention facility for their offense.

Frequent Reasons for Juvenile Arrests in North Carolina

There are several reasons why minors can get arrested for crimes in North Carolina. Speak with a seasoned juvenile criminal lawyer for a thorough assessment of your case and guidance regarding the best ways to proceed forward. The compassionate and assertive lawyers at King Law understand that they are fighting for your child’s rights and future. They will exhaust all resources available to ensure their penalties are diminished or expunged. Common reasons for juvenile arrests include: 

Driving While Intoxicated or Underaged Drinking in North Carolina 

One of the most frequently charged juvenile crimes in North Carolina is underaged drinking and driving while intoxicated. Although consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is widespread and common amongst minors, it is still illegal and may have misdemeanor penalties if the minor is discovered to have purchased, possessed, or consumed alcohol.

When a minor is behind the wheel and has alcohol in their system, they will face charges for drinking while intoxicated (DWI), even if the amount of alcohol in their system is 0.01%. If your minor is charged with a DWI or underaged drinking, contact an experienced North Carolina juvenile criminal lawyer for a chance to build a solid defense and legal strategy for their case.  

Fraudulent Identification or “Fake ID” Charges in North Carolina 

Possessing and using fraudulent identification (fake ID) is illegal in North Carolina. Fraudulent identification includes all of the following: 

  • A driver’s license: Falsely issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles using the minor’s picture and a false birthdate, address, and name 
  • A duplicate driver’s license: Using a copy of a relative’s driver’s license 
  • A doctored driver’s license: A falsified copy of someone else’s real driver’s license 
  • “Novelty” driver’s license: Bought from a private vendor 

The use of a fake ID is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor when a minor uses it to do any of the following: 

  • Obtain or attempt to obtain permission to purchase alcoholic beverages
  • Obtain or attempt to obtain alcoholic beverages
  • Enter or attempt to enter a business where alcohol is consumed or sold 

In North Carolina, using and displaying a fake or doctored driver’s license is a Class 2 misdemeanor. In addition to this penalty, minors who are convicted of this crime can also have their license suspended by the DMV for up to a year. Selling a fake ID can result in a Class 1 felony. Speak with an experienced North Carolina juvenile criminal lawyer for an assessment of your case and legal guidance regarding your case moving forward. 

Trespassing, Vandalism or Damaging Property in North Carolina 

Destroying, defacing, damaging, and marking another person’s property is another frequent juvenile offense committed in North Carolina. The specific penalties are dependent on the incident and the damaged property. Juveniles who face trespassing criminal charges are likely to be charged with a misdemeanor offense.

Speak with a Skilled North Carolina Juvenile Criminal Lawyer at King Law 

If your child has been arrested or is anticipating criminal charges against them, it is important to speak with an experienced North Carolina juvenile criminal lawyer at King Law for help with an assessment of your case and strategic guidance regarding the necessary steps to take moving forward. A criminal charge can result in lasting negative consequences for your child’s future. 

The compassionate and diligent juvenile criminal attorneys at King Law are committed to exhausting all resources required to achieve the best outcome for your child’s case. We are committed to providing outstanding, trusted representation and excellent defense strategies in the courtroom to ensure your child’s rights and freedom are protected. Call (888) 748-5464 or fill out our contact form to speak with a juvenile criminal lawyer at King Law.