Intellectual Property

Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

With our competitive economy, intellectual assets are required to stand out from the crowd. Whether your intellectual asset takes the form of a logo, a design, or a product, you and your business should explore the prospects of protecting your intellectual property.

King Law’s Intellectual Property Law attorneys in western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina assists individuals and businesses with registering their intellectual property, assisting in the acquisition and licensing, and the development and management of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Regardless of whether you are an artist looking to protect your copyright or a corporate entity looking to purchase intellectual assets, our North and South Carolina Attorneys can assist you.  The focus of our lawyers is to help you and your business receive intellectual property protection in North Carolina or South Carolina.

We offer monthly and annual retainer plans that make it affordable for businesses of any size to access competent legal advice and guidance for all intellectual property matters.  Our North Carolina and South Carolina attorneys develop an intimate understanding of each client’s intellectual assets and will work to determine the best method to protect it.

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Consult with Experienced North Carolina and South Carolina Intellectual Property Law Attorneys


Patents are licenses that confer a right or title for a set period of time that exclude others from making, using, and selling your invention. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants patents on novel and nonobvious inventions. We provide services with Patent Prosecution and Litigation.

Patent Prosecution: To obtain a Patent from the USPTO, you need to retain a patent attorney or an individual who is licensed to prosecute patents before the USPTO. Our firm’s resident patent attorney Patrick Twisdale has been licensed to prosecute patents.

Regardless of whether you are a garage inventor or a research-oriented corporation, our firm can assist you with your patent registration needs.

Patent Litigation: The use of a patented invention can completely disrupt your business regardless of whether you are the patent holder or alleged patent infringer. Our attorneys are experienced in all phases of litigation and can provide clients with immediate action to defend against an infringement claim or initiate legal action against patent infringers.


Trademarks and service marks, colloquially called Trademarks, identify your products from the rest of the crowd. When consumers see your mark, they will recognize that your goods or services originate from you. With success comes those who wish to imitate your success. Some of those may attempt to feed off your consumers’ good faith belief that you are the originator of the goods or services by using your mark to sell their goods or services. To protect against these bad actors, trademark registration can be used to scare off those imitators. Our attorneys can file for trademark protection with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, North Carolina Secretary of State, and South Carolina Secretary of State.

However, sometimes you need an attorney to defend your right to use your mark or protect it from infringers. Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of litigation, even appearing in the North Carolina Business Court for trademark-related issues. If you need an attorney for trademark litigation matters in North Carolina or South Carolina, our firm is right for you.


A copyright is an artistic expression with a modicum of creativity that is fixed in a physical form. Once fixed in physical form, you have a copyright over that intellectual asset. However, without registering that copyright, you cannot enforce it. Our Attorneys can assist you with registering your copyright with the U.S. Library of Congress.

Our attorneys can also assist you in enforcing your copyright against infringers or defending against claims of copyright infringement. Our firm has appeared in the U.S. District Court for copyright issues, and we can assist you in your case.