Asheville Alimony Lawyer

Whether your divorce stems from complex difficulties or a no-fault agreement, there are circumstances that allow some partners to pursue alimony. Alimony can help a struggling partner contend with the expenses of post-divorce recovery.

That said, job loss and/or devastating life experiences can make it impossible for the paying partner to continue offering their ex-spouse support. If you want to pursue an alteration in your alimony agreement, you can do so with help from an Asheville alimony lawyer. At King Law, we can help you discuss the routes through which you can pursue amendments.

The Calculation of Alimony in North Carolina

North Carolinian family courts claim that alimony allows both partners to retain their financial health after a divorce. Unfortunately, the alimony agreed upon during initial conversations about divorce and separation isn’t always maintainable when considering one’s life circumstances.

When a court considers the alimony awarded to a partner after a divorce, they assess:

  • The length of the dissolved marriage
  • The earning potential of each partner
  • The standard of living allowed by the marriage

Moreover, the court considers how old each partner is, what contributions were made between the two while the marriage persisted, and what forces drove the separation.

The court does not attempt to speculate on what a partner’s career may look like in the wake of their divorce, nor do they make plans for future disasters. This is not for lack of good intentions but rather to establish baseline alimony for interested parties.

Presenting a Request for Altered Alimony in North Carolina

If you want to bring a case for an alimony amendment forward, you can do so with the assistance of a family law attorney from Asheville. You can sit down during an initial consultation with our team and discuss what changes in your life have given you to consider requesting a change in terms.

We can then begin gathering evidence to support your request for reduced or transitioning alimony. This evidence should include bank statements, pay stubs, and other economic evidence of your inability to meet your previously-required payments. We can also bring forward evidence suggesting that you may no longer have the economic opportunities that you once did.

You Can Request Alimony Amendments in the Face of Your Ex-Partner’s Inappropriate Behavior

Because divorces can be so taxing, one partner may attempt to misrepresent their circumstances before a judge. Should this person succeed, you may have to pay alimony that is not actually due to the partner in question.

We can challenge your required alimony payment in the face of this duplicity. Specifically, we can elaborate on any illicit sexual behaviors, abandonment, or malicious intent that went into the initial presentation of your situation.

Prevent Your Conversations About Alimony From Becoming Uncomfortable

Conversations about alimony are often contentious, particularly in cases where your separation from your partner was not amicable. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the emotional nature of your pursuit of reduced alimony, it’s best to rely on our team. 

Our attorneys bring an impartial perspective to your case. This means that we can manage communications with your ex-partner and other applicable parties with the heart of the law in mind. We can see you through mediation or a traditional appeal trial, depending on the needs of your case. 

In turn, this means you can have more opportunities to secure your financial future. Similarly, it may prove more difficult for a partner’s representative to use legalese to talk you out of your right to an appeal.

Contact an Asheville Alimony Lawyer at King Law

Recovering from a divorce is never easy. You need time to relearn how to live your life and to protect your heart from additional harm. Should you find yourself in a difficult economic position after your divorce, know that you have the means to secure help. You can collaborate with an alimony lawyer in Asheville, for example, to protect your finances.

Our Asheville divorce lawyers at King Law know how to approach your case with empathy and efficiency. For more information about how our services can benefit you, you can contact our office today. We are available to discuss your case over the phone at (888) 748-5464 or (888) 748-KING. You can also contact us through our contact form.