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When a heated discussion turns into a screaming match, neighbors or innocent bystanders might make an uninformed assessment about your actions. They may contact local law enforcement and claim domestic violence without any solid evidence. While their intentions may be good, you might find yourself in a complicated situation due to their actions. Even without any valid evidence, the police may arrest and hold you for questioning.

Before you say anything or try to inform them about what happened, contact King Law as soon as possible. Even a simple apology may criminalize your behavior without you knowing. With an experienced King law domestic violence attorney, you’ll have professional legal representatives fighting for your rights and making sure there are no legal issues. By offering our highly-qualified counsel, you’ll have the tools and resources for a smooth case.

Types of Domestic Violence Charges in Asheville, North Carolina

Domestic violence can happen in more than just couples. While many people’s initial thoughts of domestic violence are for those in romantic partnerships, there are many different types of relationships that fall under the domestic abuse category. For example, a parent can be accused of neglecting their responsibilities to their child for being late picking them up from school.

Consider the following relationships that North Carolina lists as those falling under domestic violence:

  • Current or former spouses,
  • Those of the opposite sex who currently or previously live together
  • Relatives or legal guardians
  • Parents of the same child
  • Current or former household members
  • Those currently or previously in a romantic or sexual relationship

Many of those accused of domestic violence are due to other misunderstandings like a sudden loud crash or a couple yelling at one another. While many choose to contact the police just in case something is happening, they are unaware of the consequences they may be subjecting you to face.

Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in North Carolina

After a domestic violence charge, your life may turn upside down. Not only might you face hefty fines, but also the loss of your rights. Understanding the potential punishments is crucial and will help your lawyer better navigate any legal challenges and questions you may have about your case.

Below are a few examples of consequences you may suffer after a domestic violence charge:

The repercussions of a domestic violence charge can affect everything around you. Not only will you be responsible for paying fines, but you may also be sentenced to probation or jail time. Each type of domestic violence charge has different consequences, and discussing your charges with an attorney will help develop your defense. 

Some penalties you may receive if convicted of domestic violence include:


Depending on the severity of the charge, a judge may force you to spend months to years in prison. Spending time in jail not only restricts your connection to the outside world, but also places you in a difficult environment. If you have children, incarceration will lead to you not having access or seeing your kids.


The amount of fines you pay will also depend on the severity of the charge. While many believe a domestic violence charge is just one general label, there are actually different variations, including simple assault, assault with a deadly weapon, or even assault by strangulation. 

Criminal Record

Having a criminal record may limit your job and financial opportunities. On most job applications, there’s a section asking questions about your criminal record that you are obligated to answer. While there’s also a section that may allow you to explain your circumstances, a domestic violence charge will significantly impact your chances. 

Loss of Custody

One of the hardest parts of a domestic violence charge is not being able to see your children and possibly losing custody. When a judge determines custody over children, they look at the best options for the child and will find a domestic violence charge concerning.  

Educational Classes

A way to limit the severity of your charges is by taking educational classes and sessions about anger management, domestic violence, and possibly substance abuse. The types of classes you take depend on the nature of the charge.

A domestic violence charge may lead to harsh repercussions and impact your reputation, relationships, and freedoms. It’s essential that you speak with your domestic violence attorney in Asheville, NC about your case and how they may build a solid foundation for your defense strategy.

How Can an Attorney Help with Your Domestic Violence Case?

Receiving a domestic violence charge in North Carolina is a serious matter and will drastically alter your lifestyle and freedoms. If you choose to represent yourself, you place yourself and your rights at risk. With a domestic violence lawyer in Asheville, NC, you’ll have access to an experienced professional who will represent you in the legal process. They will also provide the following services:

  • Answer questions regarding your case
  • Thoroughly investigate your case
  • Research facts and gather evidence
  • Help formulate a plea
  • Analyze the prosecutor’s case
  • Negotiate penalty offers and deals
  • Examine witnesses

With a highly-qualified Asheville domestic violence lawyer representing you in a domestic violence case, your chances of avoiding severe penalties increases. Speak with a domestic violence attorney in Asheville, NC as soon as possible to start the investigation process.

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