Asheville Drug Crimes Lawyer

In Asheville, drug crimes have become a common experience among many individuals. The city has been very aggressive in dealing with marijuana possession or any drug trafficking in the last few years, and this is something you do not want to be caught for. Unfortunately, even minor drug cases are usually taken seriously by financial institutions, colleges, and employers. In some extreme situations, you can experience some challenges with your civil liberties.

If you have been involved or charged with a drug crime, you need to speak with an Asheville defense lawyer who understands drug crime cases in the city and is ready to provide the necessary guidance to put you out of trouble. Remember, drug crimes can lead to jail time, huge financial fines, and denial of civil liberties in the future.

How Are Drug Crimes Penalized in Asheville?

In Asheville, drug crime laws use a Scheduling system to determine the severity of a specific drug offense. In this case, the drug Scheduling system explicitly highlights the level of illegality with each drug offense. The drug Scheduling laws range from Schedule I crimes carrying the harshest penalties to Schedule V carrying the least severe penalties. 

In the Schedule I drug category, you will mostly encounter substances that do not have any medical value and are highly abused by the population. Such drugs include ecstasy, LSD, and opioids. Schedule II drugs are not considered dangerous but have a high potential for abuse, such as crystal meth and cocaine. 

As you will learn, every drug is classified in a specific Schedule, and the possible penalties in a drug crime case depend on the quantity of the drug in question and it’s classifications. Therefore, you need a drug crime lawyer who understands the drug classification and the associated penalties to help you maneuver drug crime cases. 

Penalties for Drug Crimes

In most cases, penalties for drug convictions of drug offenses in Asheville may include loss of constitutional rights, jail time, and fines. For example, you may be forbidden to own a firearm or have it confiscated. In addition, you might spend several months in jail for misdemeanor offenses, while felony possession offenses may lead to several years in prison.

What Are the Possible Asheville Drug Crime Defenses?

If you have been caught in drug-related crimes, you do not have to plead guilty to such offenses. Instead, it is essential to contact an experienced Asheville drug crime attorney who can help you formulate some possible defenses that might get you out of the problem. First, however, it is essential to ensure that you collaborate with the police to avoid complicating your case. Next, contacting your lawyer can offer some crucial defenses against the crimes you are facing. 

An experienced Asheville drug crime attorney will assist you in determining whether the police followed the due process through every phase of your case. In this case, if the prosecutors or the police violated your civil and constitutional rights, your lawyer will request the judge to drop the case. 

Your drug crime attorney will also play a critical role in determining whether the authorities followed the appropriate legal procedures and protocols in determining a probable cause to conduct a body or vehicle search during your arrest. If the due process was not followed, your attorney has justifiable grounds to press against any prosecution. 

Defenses Beyond Actions of Authorities

Working with an experienced defense lawyer will assist in formulating viable defenses that are tailored toward your specific situation. Some of the other defense approaches that your attorney may approach include:

  • The reliability of witnesses
  • The authenticity of drugs (purity)
  • The number of drugs (amount)
  • The intent of possession of drugs

As you will learn from your lawyer, every drug case tends to be unique. Therefore, you do not need a fixed approach to dealing with your drug crimes. Instead, you need an Asheville drug crime attorney who can understand your unique case and explore the available options to provide a strong defense against your conviction.

Why You Should Hire an Asheville Drug Crime Defense Attorney

It is common for many people to think that they can work their way out of a drug case without a lawyer. This is usually when such individuals feel they have been wrongfully accused. It seems easier to explain the situation and get off the hook. However, the reality is that representing yourself in such a severe offense does not always work. 

Drug crime cases are serious crimes, and you might face much more challenges than you anticipated. North Carolina drug state prosecutors have a reputation for going hard in drug cases. Therefore, there is a chance you will fall short of the level of evidence the Asheville prosecutor will table against you before a judge. 

While working with public defendants might sound like an excellent idea, it is worth understanding that you will have a higher level and quality representation when working with an experienced private attorney. As a result, you can expect more attention to your case and professional assistance from your attorney. In addition, you will be getting client-focused legal counsel that will assist you in making informed choices based on your legal options. 

Contact an Experienced Asheville Drug Crime Lawyer at King Law

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At King Law, we understand that your reputation, financial health, and freedoms are possibly at stake. So, we have assembled an experienced team of defense lawyers who will research and offer professional assistance. Our attorneys are ready and willing to work with you in every step and stage of your case and answer any questions you may have along the way. 

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