Hendersonville Theft Crimes Lawyer

A theft crime accusation is hurtful. It thrashes your character and credibility, besides having considerable legal ramifications. North Carolina courts, in particular, take theft allegations seriously, and you face significant penalties if you get convicted.

Given the severity of theft accusations, you shouldn’t face the situation alone. The experienced Hendersonville criminal defense lawyers at King Law can explain your options, guide you through the process, and help defend your rights. A conviction condemns your character, so you need a skilled lawyer to help you build a strong defense.

What Is Considered Theft Crime in North Carolina?

Under North Carolina law, theft or larceny involves taking someone else’s property illegally. Although most theft crimes are classified as larceny, they can also be classified as felonies or misdemeanors depending on the property value and the specifics of the offense.

Your future will undoubtedly be at risk when facing these charges. For this reason, you need an aggressive theft crimes lawyer experienced in defending clients against common larceny charges, including:

Misdemeanor Concealment

This is categorized as a Class 3 misdemeanor for first-time offenders and a Class 2 misdemeanor for second offenders. Common misdemeanor concealment offenses include retail theft and shoplifting property valued at less than $1,000.

Misdemeanor Larceny

A person accused of stealing property valued at less than $1,000 is likely to get charged with a misdemeanor larceny offense. The Class 1 misdemeanor attracts a jail term of up to 45 days for first-time offenders.

Felony Larceny

Felony charges could be automatic if the alleged theft was committed as a burglary or robbery. If the stolen property is valued at over $1,000, the accused person will face Class H felony charges. Severe penalties should be expected if the stolen property includes explosives or firearms.

Elements of Crime in North Carolina

When facing theft charges in Hendersonville or elsewhere in North Carolina, the prosecutor should prove the accusations beyond a reasonable doubt. These are the elements that must be proven for the accused person to get convicted:

  • The defendant unlawfully took property belonging to someone else.
  • The defendant carted the property away.
  • The victim didn’t provide their consent for the property to be taken away.
  • The defendant planned to deny the victim their right to the property.
  • The defendant knew they weren’t entitled to the said property, so nothing happened mistakenly.

Whether these elements are present in your alleged crimes or not, your best course of action is to consult a theft crimes attorney in Hendersonville as soon as possible. It will help to preserve your integrity besides setting the record straight.

Penalties and Consequences of Theft Charges in Hendersonville

If you get convicted of theft crimes in North Carolina, the potential penalties you face will depend on the circumstances of your case. You may also be ordered to compensate the victims or complete requirements such as counseling and community service. In some cases, the stolen property or items purchased with stolen cash is subject to forfeiture laws.

Sentencing guidelines in North Carolina can be complicated because they primarily depend on the Class of the felony or misdemeanor charges you’re facing. Your criminal record also comes into play. For a misdemeanor offense, the number of previous criminal convictions can impact the penalties you’ll face. For felony charges, the penalties will be even more complex. You can be assigned points based on your criminal record. This places you in a category level between 1 and 4. The higher your previous record level, the more severe your punishment will be.

A theft crime conviction can potentially limit your chances of continuing your education, gaining some professional accreditations, finding and maintaining gainful employment, and even your migration status. Thus, it’s best to discuss your charges with your lawyer to determine the most suitable course of action.

Defending Hendersonville Theft Charges

The last thing you want is getting jailed or facing severe penalties for theft crimes, let alone going through the criminal justice process in North Carolina. For this reason, you need a skilled Hendersonville theft crimes attorney to build a strong defense and give you the second chance you deserve. A lot will be at stake when you face these charges, so don’t risk your future by going through the criminal justice process on your own.

Our attorneys at King Law can start helping you avoid a conviction, even if you’re only under investigation. Thanks to our experience handling similar cases, we know what it takes to secure a favorable ruling. From the start, we can initiate an independent investigation, help you navigate the interviews, and disprove the prosecutor’s allegations.

Sometimes, theft cases arise from a misunderstanding. Suppose you absentmindedly placed an item in your purse rather than the shopping bag in a grocery store, or you didn’t know that carrying away a specific item constituted a crime. Regardless of your situation, the attorneys at King Law can try to prove that your actions weren’t intentional. They’ll also fight to help you rebuild your reputation and credibility.

Receive Help From a Highly-Qualified Hendersonville Theft Crimes Attorney at King Law

When you face theft allegations without a lawyer, you’ll undoubtedly be on an unequal footing with the prosecutor. At King Law, our theft crimes attorneys in Hendersonville know how daunting the criminal justice system can be. We’re committed to making things considerably bearable by extending our legal expertise to you. Our team builds strong cases to ensure that clients get the fair trials they deserve.

We have a reputation for helping our clients get the charges against them reduced or quashed. With the attorneys at Kings Law fighting in your corner, you’re guaranteed credible and experienced representation. To reach out, call us at (888) 748-5464 or (888) 748-KING. You can also fill out our contact form.