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Cases involving divorce and family law can be both complicated and emotionally challenging. Reports indicate that the divorce rate in North Carolina is about 3.1%, which is higher than the national average of 2.9%. These legal separations can force families to make difficult decisions, but working with an experienced family lawyer in North Carolina can make the process easier for both you and your loved ones.

Here at King Law, our team of dedicated professionals has decades of experience working with clients to help them achieve their goals, whether that means successfully managing cases that involve divorce, child support, custody, and much more. The reliable lawyers at King Law will work with you to understand your case and provide you with knowledgeable counsel and representation throughout the legal process.

Divorce Lawyers in Hendersonville, NC

Couples living in Hendersonville may choose to pursue divorce for any number of reasons. In some cases, domestic violence, abuse, or extramarital affairs may be the cause. However, the most frequently cited reason that many couples pursue a divorce is that they simply grew apart over time. In these circumstances, couples often choose to separate from one another amicably and pursue a collaborative divorce.

When a family chooses to pursue a collaborative divorce, each spouse is represented by their own lawyer. These lawyers then work together and communicate with the couple to gather information about the case from both sides. Cases of collaborative divorce are handled outside of court, which can save both time and money for both parties.

However, if an individual has experienced domestic violence during the course of their marriage, they may not want to pursue a case of collaborative divorce since it often requires consistent, open communication between spouses and their lawyers. When incidents of domestic abuse are involved, divorce cases become about safety and security for the victim and their children.

No matter what reason a couple has for choosing to terminate their marriage, seeking legal counsel from an experienced divorce lawyer is the best choice. For couples in Hendersonville who want to avoid the complicated and time-consuming aspects of filing for divorce, working alongside a North Carolina family lawyer who has relevant expertise can make the process much less challenging.

Property Distribution in Divorce Cases

In most cases of divorce, a couple has accumulated various assets, equity, and property over the years. When it comes to dividing these assets and distributing the property among them, it can be difficult to ensure that each person has their wishes met and that they are satisfied with what they receive in the process. Contacting a lawyer in Hendersonville that both parties can trust will make it easier for each of the spouses to voice their concerns and receive legal counsel that can move the process forward.

Some couples may choose to create an agreement prior to their divorce that outlines which assets belong to which spouse and how other property should be divided. This can include items such as vehicles, valuables, heirlooms, antiques, collectibles, art, and more. There are a few distinctions in types of property when it comes to the division of assets in a divorce, which can include:

  • Marital property: Any personal property owned by either spouse obtained during the course of the marriage and prior to filing for divorce.
  • Separate property: Any property obtained by either spouse prior to marriage or after separation. This also includes gifts received before, during, or after the marriage.
  • Divisible property: Any property that depreciated in value over the course of the marriage. This includes any increases or decreases in passive income.

Unless a court determines otherwise, the division of property between a married couple in North Carolina will always be equal. However, there are some circumstances where the equitable distribution of assets during a divorce can be complicated. Working with an experienced North Carolina family lawyer is the best choice to ensure that both spouses are satisfied.

North Carolina Alimony Law

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is the division of money. Many couples have stayed together for years simply because they cannot afford to live anywhere else. When a North Carolina court receives a case related to alimony, they will assess the situation based on the earning capacity and whether one spouse is financially dependent on the other.

No two divorce cases are the same, and the same can be said for alimony and spousal support. Some circumstances of alimony may require one of the spouses to pay for litigation expenses. The ideal way to approach the process of alimony during divorce proceedings is to work with a Hendersonville family lawyer that you can trust to have the best interest of both parties in mind.

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Managing a case of divorce can be complicated to handle on your own. If you are currently in the process of filing for a divorce, seeking help with dividing your assets or hoping to obtain an alimony payment, the lawyers at King Law in Hendersonville, North Carolina can help. We have proudly served clients seeking legal separation in both North Carolina and South Carolina for decades, and now we are ready to help you.

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