Hendersonville Criminal Defense Lawyers

Whether they are complex or straightforward, criminal charges can shift the course of your entire future. If you’re being investigated, accused, or have been arrested for a criminal charge, you may be feeling overwhelmed and nervous about what it means for your life moving forward.

At a minimum, penalties can be high fines or probation. At a maximum, penalties can include lengthy prison time and revoked civil privileges. A criminal record stays with you long after a trial.

It is essential to speak with a Hendersonville criminal defense lawyer promptly for a chance at a better outcome. The legal team at King Law fights passionately for your rights and freedom and understands the weight of a criminal record. We exhaust all resources to defend your case and potentially get charges dropped or diminished.

How a Criminal Record Affects Your Future Long Term

A criminal record in Hendersonville, NC, can have a damaging effect on your future in various ways. Even a mild criminal record, such as a misdemeanor conviction, can mean a loss of specific civil liberties. 

These may include some of the following: 

  • Driving and other privileges: You may lose or have limited driving privileges with a criminal record. Other rights like the privilege to own a firearm, receiving financial aid for school, and renting a property may also be affected. 
  • Employment: You may have a hard time finding or keeping work with a criminal record. Employers generally do extensive background checks on new employees. 
  • Immigration: Immigrants who have a criminal record may have difficulty keeping or obtaining a green card, naturalization, or changing immigrant status. 
  • Child custody: Child custody may be restricted or denied with a criminal record, especially in cases of domestic violence or abuse. 
  • Future criminal cases: An existing criminal record can mean more severe penalties and sentencing in the future. 

The more severe consequences are typically the result of a felony, but you’ll want to speak with a criminal defense lawyer to learn about the effects of your specific scenario.

What Criminal Cases Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Help Defend?

The Hendersonville criminal defense lawyers at King Law have years of education and experience advocating for clients’ rights and freedom due to misdemeanor and felony charges and finding nuances and finer details to help the success of a criminal defense case. 

We offer clients the ability to evaluate a case from a collaborative perspective and find strategies that would be to their advantage. Criminal cases are unique and complex, and we know that there is potential to reduce or drop charges with the right defense. 

We defend the following criminal charges: 

If you have been arrested for any of the charges mentioned above, speak with a compassionate and assertive Hendersonville, NC criminal defense lawyer for an assessment of your case. We offer knowledgeable advice on the best actions to move forward. We stand by your side and use every resource and tool available to fight for your rights and mitigate the charges against you.

Speak with an Experienced Hendersonville, NC Criminal Defense Lawyer at King Law 

We understand how overwhelming and stressful facing a criminal charge alone can be. Let the knowledgeable Hendersonville, NC, King Law legal team help you with award-winning, compassionate, and assertive representation for your unique criminal case. We will evaluate all evidence against you and conduct a thorough investigation to argue your defense. It is possible to change the course of your future with the right defense. We work diligently to mitigate the legal complexities of your criminal case so that you may potentially have charges diminished or dropped. 

The Hendersonville criminal defense lawyers at King Law have years of experience defending clients in Hendersonville, NC, and are committed to building a professional relationship so that you may be confident in our representation of your case. We will advocate on your behalf to potentially diminish or drop your charges, so you can save time, money and your civil liberties. Call (888) 748-5464 (KING) or fill out our contact form to learn more.