Hendersonville Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning means documenting how you would like your assets shared after you pass away. Although many people tend to avoid this process due to the uncomfortable nature of contemplating their demise, estate planning is important as it ensures your final wishes will be fulfilled. Failure to make suitable legal preparations may result in disregard of your beneficiaries and lead to outcomes you never intended.

If you are in Hendersonville, an estate planning attorney from King Law can give you essential legal advice and prepare your legal documents to ensure an easy and cost-efficient transition. Our experienced estate planning lawyers in Hendersonville, NC can help you create a detailed estate plan tailored to your unique concerns, needs, and goals.

Doing It Yourself vs. Hiring a Hendersonville Estate Planning Law Firm

While you can choose to fill estate planning documents on your own, you risk communicating your wishes inaccurately and in incorrect terms. Typically, you get a fill-in-the-blank worksheet that lacks the customization needed to suit your circumstances and accurately reflect your wishes. Even the most comprehensive do-it-yourself estate planning forms and instructions won’t compensate for the oversight you can get from a Hendersonville estate planning attorney who handles the complexities of legal language every time. 

Consequently, you may spend more money redoing the planning with a professional. If the errors go unnoticed, it will be difficult to rectify and allocate assets when you become infirm or pass away. With a Hendersonville estate planning lawyer, you get help with the special language that works with your documents based on your assets. Your estate planning lawyer in Hendersonville NC also helps finalize all details without any hassle on your side.

How a Hendersonville Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

Here’s how you can benefit from working with a Hendersonville estate planning attorney:

Update Your Estate Plan and Legal Documents

Drafting an estate plan is not a one-time endeavor. Sometimes decades pass between the drafting of the documents and implementation. You can create a plan according to your goals and wishes, but they can dramatically change over time due to various circumstances or life changes. 

Some life changes that necessitate updating your estate planning documents include divorce, marriage, major asset purchases, selling or starting a new business, retirement plans, etc. Also, changes in your financial circumstances warrant a reassessment of estate documents. An estate planning lawyer in Hendersonville can suggest relevant changes and perform regular assessments to make any revisions in case your documents do not reflect your wishes and the realities of your estate. Updating your estate plan also ensures that you adhere to current legislation considering that trust and probate laws change periodically. 

Save You Time and Money

Having a lawyer write and set up your estate plan to save money may seem counterintuitive. However, the reality is that correctly completing the process the first time will save you a lot of money in the long run. Lawyers often charge a flat fee to write up an estate plan. 

However, if you write the plan yourself and make an error, you and your beneficiaries could face more legal and court fees as you try to rectify it. Common errors include:

  • Developing an inadequate estate plan
  • Failure to complete the process
  • Leaving certain people or assets out
  • Failure to update the estate plan when life changes occur

Working with a professional estate planning lawyer in Hendersonville, NC gives you confidence knowing that it will be error-free and saves you the time of trying to fill out the legal documents on your own. 

Can Be Trusted to Ensure Seamless Management and Transfer of Your Assets

An estate planning attorney helps in the seamless management of your trust or distribution of your estate when you are incapacitated or pass away. Family disputes often arise during the distribution of property, but estate planning with the help of a lawyer will save your family from such contention. The documents become crucial during a difficult moment, and your spouse, children, and other loved ones are not left to navigate the complex legal system and grief. 

Our estate planning attorneys in Hendersonville will offer guidance to your family and answer any questions that may arise, thus making it easy to fulfill your wishes. Partnering with an attorney in your estate planning process ensures a secure future for young children when the age gap between them and their parents is large. Contact our Hendersonville estate planning law firm today to get started with a consultation. 

Qualities of a Good Estate Planning Lawyer in Hendersonville, NC

Whether your estate is simple, with most assets going to family members, or a large one involving other beneficiaries, you need to look for several positive attributes when hiring a Hendersonville estate planning attorney.

A good estate planning attorney:


An estate planning lawyer in Hendersonville, NC represents you when you can’t do it yourself. In short, you are entrusting them to carry out your final wishes. You can get valuable insight into how much you can trust the attorney to fulfill your wishes by observing the level of integrity and respect they display while you are in the planning stages. 


Things change over time in any area of the law, including estate planning. A good lawyer keeps an eye on any changes in laws that govern this area of the law.

Demands Accuracy

A good estate planning lawyer emphasizes accuracy in all aspects of their job. It is part of their job to ensure the paperwork about their cases is error-free, alphabetically and numerically. The attorney understands that even the simplest error could lead to a dispute and thus takes time to reassess each document to look for mistakes and phrases that could lead to miscommunication. 

Has Impeccable Communication and Interaction Skills

You need an Hendersonville estate planning lawyer who communicates effectively and educates you on the legal process. Ensuring you understand how the law works in your particular situation reduces misunderstandings and allows you to make informed decisions. The lawyer should also foster a positive working relationship with you and your heirs since they might have to work directly when you are not there.

Contact an Experienced Hendersonville Estate Planning Attorney at King Law

Preparing a good estate plan is among the most thoughtful and caring things you can do for your loved ones. However, you need a trustworthy estate planning attorney in Hendersonville with experience in creating the necessary documents for a thorough and accurate estate plan. You also want a legal representative who ensures the estate plan remains current by updating it as per the life changes and law revisions.

If you are in Hendersonville, King Law has trustworthy and experienced estate planning lawyers who care about securing your legacy, protecting your assets, and ensuring a seamless estate planning process. Our attention to detail, experience, and commitment to building and maintaining lasting relationships are the secret behind our long list of happy clients. Please call (888) 748-5464 to speak to an estate planning attorney in Hendersonville, North Carolina from King Law. You can also fill out our contact form.