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When injured, whether it be minor or severe, sometimes a personal injury case should be filed, especially when the accident was the other party’s fault.  This personal injury article explains the process from the accident until compensation.

The Process

As soon as the accident occurs, the first thing to do is seek immediate and consistent medical treatment. Significant injuries, including a broken bone, time missed from work, or continual pain, then medical treatment should be acquired immediately. After treatment has begun, the next step is to speak with a personal injury lawyer and explain the details of the accident. After retaining, the lawyer will investigate the medical aspects of the injury. Medical records and bills will be obtained and analyzed, along with other damages, for negotiation of the compensation to begin. If a settlement can be reached between the two sides, then no suit is filed, and the case is closed.


However, if a settlement cannot be agreed upon between the two sides, the case goes into litigation. Litigation is the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit in court and getting a date for a possible trial. This is also when the statute of limitations comes into play because there is a time limit for filing a lawsuit after the accident happens. Then the discovery phase of the case occurs, which is where each side investigates and explores the demands and claims of the other side. As this part of the case ends, mediation and negotiation happen for the second time. The whole point of mediation and negotiation is to settle without having to go to a trial.  After lawsuits are files, it is rare they end up going to trial.  This is because the settlement and negotiation that occurs after filing the lawsuit is where some type of settlement or compromise will be reached.


The process from start to finish can feel frustrating, disappointing, and endless. The resolution of personal injury cases are not immediate.  A timeline for a case ranges from months to years, depending on the unique facts of the case. It is important to remain patient and cooperative with the process and with the attorney.

You didn’t ask to be in an accident, but the favorable resolution is the goal of every attorney. At King Law, it is our pledge to achieve the appropriate compensation for your accident.  Our attorneys will help you navigate the process of a personal injury accident. If you have been involved in an accident, please call us at 888-748-5464(KING).

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