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If you are a parent, you know that the responsibilities that come with parenting are limitless.  You are responsible for taking care of them physically, emotionally, and financially, among other things.  But circumstances arise that may deem it necessary to proceed with a case for termination of rights.  And while a relationship with a parent and child is very important, a court may decide that the best interest of the child or children is to have a parent’s rights terminated.

While most guidelines for termination of parental rights are basically the same for all states, it is important to know what constitutes this type of case in South Carolina.  If you are seeking to terminate a parent’s rights or if you face a termination case, know these before you proceed or respond. Here are just some of the determining factors for a termination case:

  1. The child has suffered or abuse or neglect within the home.
  2. The child has been out of the home for at least six months
  3. Failing to visit with the child or support the child for at least 6 months.
  4. The legal father is not the biological father of the child
  5. Abandonment

There are other major factors to include in these types of cases that can be discussed during a consult with one of our attorneys.  Let’s look at some examples of cases that constitute a termination of parental rights ruling.  If Child Protective Services has become involved, and you have not complied with the requirements for reunification, the court will move to have your rights terminated. Or, if you were listed as the legal father of a child on the birth certificate, but were found not to be the father, you can have your rights terminated.

With a case that involves Child Protective Services, know that all efforts will be made to reunify a parent with their child or children.  However, if the steps are not taken that the court has required, they all move to the termination phase of the court.  Whether you are seeking advice on a private case, or you are involved in a Child Protective Services case, contact us to seek counsel on the steps and procedures that will take place.

Our South Carolina attorneys are prepared to answer your questions and provide representation when necessary for your Termination of Parental Rights case.  Please call us at 888-748-5464 (KING) to schedule a consultation at one of our South Carolina offices located in Greer, Spartanburg or Gaffney.

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