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Separation and divorce can be extremely difficult for all parties involved.  The emotions, changes to your physical environment, and especially the expenses can be hard to cope with.  And while many cases of divorce are simple and free of high levels of stress, many are not.

In rare instances, one or both parties may need to take steps to file a restraining order, also referred to as a no contact order, and may be issued by a judge.  While this can allow peace and comfort to a party, having no contact with a spouse while children are involved is challenging.  Communications regarding sickness, academics, behavior, and child expenses are necessary.

Co-parenting is a term that describes the process in which two parents share the responsibilities that are necessary to raise children.  This includes when two parents share the legal and physical custody of a child or children.  While the distribution of marital property and marital finances can be resolved within a reasonable time, custodial responsibilities will last for years.  And it is necessary to find a way to work together that will benefit the children.

Today, there are new and innovative ways that will assist in co-parenting with a spouse that you can’t get along with.  And while they are beneficial, they do come with a cost.  Most of the applications cost approximately $100-$150 per year.  Applications are available to download on your phone or you may access them through a website.  It quickly becomes common for judges to court-order apps like this for parents to communicate.  Some of the popular apps include Our Family Wizard, Co Parenter, Co-Parently, Truece, and App Close.

The apps work in essentially the same way.  There is a messaging piece that parents can send information back and forth to each other.  A calendar, journal, and expense report are available as well.  Everything you need to communicate with your ex-spouse is there in one easy location.  Some apps even allow you to exchange fees for expenses without having to see each other.

It is critical to find the best possible option for you and your situation.  While not everyone’s case is the same, each family should have the same goals in mind.  Co-parent in a safe and effective way that will not harm the children involved.

If you are faced with a child custody issue, you don’t have to walk the journey alone.  Let King Law navigate the process and help guide you each step of the way.  Whether you need a custody order, protective order or perhaps circumstances have changed and your existing order needs to be modified, King Law can help. Call our team at 888-748-5464 (KING) to schedule a consultation.  We also encourage you to visit the family law section of our website and child custody blog for more information.

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