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April 16, 2021

Adopting a child can be a long process, but the reward is certainly worth the wait. The post provides an overview of the steps involved in adopting a child in North Carolina

Being Prepared

There are several different types of adoptions that are available to hopeful parents in North Carolina. An interstate adoption (between North Carolina and another state), international adoption, or intrastate adoption (within the state of North Carolina). North Carolina also recognizes agency adoption, direct placement, stepparent, relative, and adult adoptions.

When considering adoption, it is important to know the legal requirements and best procedure for adopting a child. Whether you have a family member that is willing to give you her child because she cannot raise it or whether you want to employ a surrogate to have a child for you, there are many different legal requirements that have to be met in each case.

The Process

When it comes to adoption, whether it is a stepparent adoption or an international adoption, the process takes time. There are specific laws in North Carolina that require waiting periods before being finalized. For example, even after a party has consented to an adoption and signed paperwork, there is an amount of time allotted for which that party can withdraw his or her consent to the adoption.

Additionally, there is a significant amount of paperwork that has to be compiled for any type of adoption so you need to be prepared for the cost that will be associated with drafting these documents.  If you choose to pursue an adoption across state lines, you must hire an attorney in both states so that the laws of both states are complied with throughout the adoption process.

If you wish to adopt a child and are unable to obtain the biological parents consent to adoption, there will have to be additional court proceedings to terminate the rights of the un-consenting parent or parents. There are also home studies that must be conducted, social/health backgrounds of both biological parents, and even birth records of the child.

The End Result

While the process may seem to be daunting and never-ending, there are attorneys at King Law that are here to assist you through each step of the process and to explain the various steps of adoption, whether you choose to adopt within North Carolina or if you need an attorney in North Carolina to navigate its laws so that you can move a child from North Carolina to another state.

If you would like to learn more about adopting a child in or from North Carolina, please contact King Law Offices at our toll free number 888-748-5465 (KING) to request a consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys.

Legally reviewed by:
King Law
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April 16, 2021

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