Free Seminar Discussing Coronavirus and How to Deal with Custody and Other Family Law Matters

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King Law will host a free seminar on Wednesday, April 23 at 9 am in our Forest City, North Carolina office.  This seminar will address growing parental concerns regarding Coronavirus and how to deal with emergency child custody, visitation and more.

We are still learning more each day as a result of last week’s emergency directive from the North Carolina Supreme Court and our Judicial Branch.  Each county is handling things a little differently and courthouses, for the most part, are at a stand-still on hearing cases.  However, life happens and you may be facing a difficult time when it comes to emergency situations regarding the safety of your child(ren), custody and visitation.  Judges are on stand-by and able to help in these situations.  In addition, certified mediators and technology are being used heavily during this time to resolve as many cases as possible.  There are resources available to attorneys and clients to help work through the delays experienced by the courts.

Safety is important, but for those who are facing these emergency situations, we understand that our job doesn’t stop.  We are offering this free seminar to help you better understand your options.  We will continue posting to the King Law Facebook page and updating our website with announcements and news so that you can be informed.  If you are unable to join us for this seminar, we encourage you to call our office and schedule a  telephone appointment to discuss your family law need.  King Law is currently waiving all phone appointment consultation fees.  During this time, you can speak with a member of our legal team at no cost.

To register for this upcoming event, The Coffee Connection for April, you are encouraged to send an RSVP to We are closely monitoring CDC guidelines and state orders to make sure that our event complies with all recommendations.

When life happens you need a professional to be in your corner.  King Law will be here; our team is working hard to provide services at all 14 of our locations across North and South Carolina.  We are prepared and trained to provide you and your family with the best legal representation during the COVID-19 outbreak.



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