White-Collar Crime

I want to thank you for the good representation you provided for me. Yes, it was hard to swallow what I was accused of – it not being the truth – But again, thank you for leading me in the right way under the conditions of some of our crazy laws – as you are very familiar. I will be glad to give you a good referral. Thank you again,

– G.C.M., Forest City, NC

The term white-collar crime was reportedly coined in 1939 during a speech given by Edwin Sutherland and was predominately associated with lying, cheating, and stealing. Today, white-collar crimes are synonymous with a wide variety of frauds including bank fraud, blackmail, bribery, computer fraud, embezzlement, and welfare.

Although typically the government charges individuals for white-collar crimes, the government has the power to sanction corporations as well for these offenses. The penalties for white-collar offenses include fines, home detention, probation, paying the cost of prosecution, forfeitures, restitution, supervised release, and imprisonment. However, sanctions can be lessened if the defendant takes responsibility for the crime and assists the authorities in their investigation.

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