Ways to Lose Your License in North Carolina

Think you can only lose your license in North Carolina for DWI or driving recklessly? Think again.  North Carolina’s laws on the operation of vehicles allow for the suspension of your driver’s license, some of which will probably surprise you. 

Legal Separation and Separation Agreements

In North Carolina, all that is required to be “legally separated” is to be living physically separate and apart with the intention of not resuming the marital relationship. After being separated for one year, either spouse may file with the Court requesting a divorce. While NC does not require you to file anything to be (more…)

Probable Cause Hearings

Felony cases may be initiated by a criminal warrant. If this happens, at the defendant’s first appearance, the judge must set a date for a probable cause hearing within fifteen days of that first appearance. If no court is in session that is available within that fifteen days, then the probable cause hearing must on (more…)

Partition and Partition by Sale

Oftentimes, when individuals own real property with other individuals, conflicts regarding the property may arise.  These conflicts and disagreements may not always be situations that can be resolved between the parties.  To provide a remedy for situations in which these conflicts occur, North Carolina has enacted Chapter 46 of its General Statutes.

Don’t Just Pay Off the Traffic Ticket!

With some court systems (including North Carolina) allowing online payments for traffic tickets, more people are making the mistake of simply paying off their citations and as a result they incur unnecessary license and insurance points.

Failure To Appear

If you fail to appear in court when scheduled to do so, you may face additional criminal charges.  There are many innocent reasons why you may have missed a court date. You may have been sick and unable to make it, or perhaps an emergency situation arose. You may have been confused as to the actual court (more…)

Limited Driving Privileges

There are a number of laws surrounding the charge of impaired driving, or DWI, that are implicated when someone is charged with impaired driving.  One of these is an immediate civil revocation of a driver’s license in North Carolina.  There are other revocations that can occur, such as the one-year revocation following a conviction, but in (more…)

Municipal Law

Municipal law can be coarsely defined as that law that deals with cities and towns. It is often a complex area of the law that require a firm understanding not only of the law, but also the rules and procedures that can be associated with governing bodies.

How Long?

A common question that criminal defendants (or their family members) ask if “How long am I looking at?” for a jail/prison sentence. With a bit of legwork, the criminal defendant can typically get a pretty good idea of what he or she may be looking at under North Carolina law. I will attempt to provide (more…)

Motion for Appropriate Relief

North Carolina has a statute that allows post-conviction challenges to a conviction or a sentence.  Often times, this device is used when a person wants a court reconsider the conviction.  For example, if a person simply pays a traffic ticket, but then experiences the ill effects of rising insurance costs and difficulties with employment, then (more…)