A Road Guide to Opening a Business

Everyone dreams of being their own boss. Well, some dream of never working again, but realities like bills, kids, and that pesky need for somewhere to live get in the way. So, the dream defers back to being the boss. At least until it’s time to collect that fat buy-out check. But where do you (more…)

What To Do If The State Has Unclaimed Funds That Belong To You Or A Loved One

If you are faced with a situation in which the State has funds that belong to you or potentially belong to a loved one who has since passed, there is a way to reclaim to those funds. In South Carolina millions of dollars are transferred to the State’s unclaimed funds program annually by companies that (more…)

Jury Selection in North Carolina

Earlier this week in Rutherfordton, North Carolina, the jury selection process began in the case against Brooke Covington, a Word of Faith Fellowship member charged with allegedly assaulting and kidnapping a fellow member in January of 2013. While most of us are on the outside of the courtroom looking in during the trial on this (more…)

Juveniles In The Criminal Justice System

North Carolina is finally taking a step in the right direction in regards to their treatment of juveniles in the criminal justice system. The North Carolina General Assembly has  passed a law raising the age of majority in North Carolina from 16 to 18, which would prevent these individuals from being tried as adults in (more…)

Religious Symbols and Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices

It is common to see advertising for business using Christian symbols such as a crucifix on a flyer, or a business person using scripture verses on their memorabilia when the business is not organized for a religious purposes. This can be quite an effective business tactic: it attracts customers of a similar faith and implies (more…)

What is a Conflict of Interest and Why Can’t the Attorney Represent Me?

What is a conflict of interest and why can’t the attorney represent me?   Individuals, corporations and other legal entities often require legal representation for many types of services.  Sometimes, those matters are adversarial and it requires the attorney to ensure there isn’t a conflict of interest in providing representation to a client.  A conflict (more…)

Can An Accident Victim Be Barred From Recovery

It is general knowledge that landowners are somewhat responsible for injuries to others while they are on the landowner’s property. However, if the injured individual is considered a trespasser, they will be barred from recovery if their claim is that the landowner’s negligence was the cause of their injury. This creates a dilemma for people (more…)

The ABCs of Protective Orders

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  In King Law’s efforts to raise awareness this month, here are some simple ABC’s of domestic violence in North Carolina.  First, are you in an Abusive relationship? Next, can you get a 50B domestic violence protective order?  Or, do you need a 50C civil no-contact order? Are you in (more…)

How to do an Informal Estate Administration and Probate

The administration of an estate under the jurisdiction of the Clerk is generally required when the decedent owned personal property in the decedent’s sole name.  However, in some types of estate, a full administration may not be required.  In such cases, a small estate may be appropriate or no administration at all. Estate administration may (more…)

Initial Appearance and Pretrial Release for Criminal Charge

If you or someone you care about has ever been accused of a crime, you know how helpful it is to familiarize yourself with the criminal justice system.  One of the most basic levels of this system involves the initial appearance and setting conditions of pretrial release. Initial appearances are governed by NCGS Section 15A-511.  (more…)