Who Needs A Will?

Who needs a will, living will, healthcare power of attorney, and a durable power of attorney?  The answer may surprise you, but truthfully the answer is everyone should have these four documents.  Most people think wills, end of life, and incapacity documents are solely for “old people” and while it is true that the elderly (more…)

Health Care Directives and Planning for the Future

Who will make your healthcare decisions when you are no longer able?  What plans do you need to make to ensure that your end of life transitions are peaceful and uninterrupted?  When is the right time to start thinking about these types of questions? NOW is the answer.  We are all growing older each day, (more…)

Denied My Right To Bear Arms

What should I do when the Sheriff denies my application for a pistol permit, what about a denial of  a concealed handgun permit, or what should I do when the Sheriff revokes my permit? These are all terrifying questions that have very terrifying consequences.  I have taken the time to outline a few of the (more…)

Do I really need a Concealed Weapons Permit?

Whatever your beliefs may be the right to bear arms and gun control has been a hot topic of debate in the past couple of years.  I cannot help but notice the increase in friends and associates participating in concealed carry classes and obtaining their Concealed Carry Permit.  This trend led me to research concealed (more…)

Structured Sentencing for Misdemeanors

If a person is found guilty or pleas guilty to a crime, North Carolina follows structured sentencing. Structured sentencing means the North Carolina legislator has enacted laws for the courts to follow in sentencing criminal defendants. In evaluating a defendant’s sentence, the process can be broken into four main steps: Step (1) Determine the Misdemeanor (more…)

Three Legal Terms You Think You Know

PRAYER FOR JUDGMENT CONTINUED (PJC) – Many people walk into court thinking that they can handle their case on their own by simply asking the Judge for a “Prayer for Judgment.” However, people often fail to realize that you can only use one PJC every three years, per household. Meaning, if someone else in your (more…)

Understanding the Presidential Election Process

When you vote this November, you will be using the voice that was guaranteed to you by the founders of this country.  Whether you support Bernie, Cruz, Hilary, the Donald, or any number of other potential candidates in the upcoming election, you are taking part in a process that was established all the way back (more…)

Fantastic Lies: The Duke Lacrosse Documentary, North Carolina Criminal Law, And The Right To Remain Silent

ESPN, in its “30 for 30” series, recently aired a documentary on the Duke Lacrosse scandal entitled “Fantastic Lies”.  If you aren’t familiar with the story, the Duke men’s lacrosse team hired two exotic dancers for a party at the house of one of the team members on March 13, 2006.  One of the dancers (more…)

Don’t Want To Burden Your Family But Want To Leave A Legacy

The loss of a loved one is a difficult beyond anything you can imagine.  Most of us have suffered loss and can relate and understand the pain and anguish that you or someone you know is suffering with.  What is worse is that this is not their only burden.  The burdens start before death and (more…)

Open Container or Trash?

There is a big difference between driving with an open container of alcohol and driving with a piece of trash.  If you have been charged with an open container violation in McDowell County or another county in North Carolina, you may be aware that the difference is often lost on law enforcement.  This post will (more…)