In What County Do I File for Divorce in South Carolina?

A lot of our clients are people who have not lived with their spouse for many years, but just never quite got around to the formality of getting divorced. This happens for many reasons: divorce attorneys are expensive or maybe the couple doesn’t have anything to fight over and just needed to separate to solve (more…)

Drivers Point Reduction

In South Carolina, many traffic violations result in points on your license.  For example speeding can result in the addition of anywhere from 2-6 points on your license. The maximum amount of points given for any one offense is 6 points in SC.  The problem that most people run into, however, is the fact that (more…)

Why North Carolina’s Probate Process is Different

North Carolina is a special state. How many states boast two top tier college basketball teams, one of which has its own color? Plus, its probate process has a few quirks that keep it just as unique as its basketball heritage. The majority of America’s states handle things in a uniform manner. North Carolina doesn’t (more…)

Assets Being Squandered?

So you filed a caveat to a will that has not yet been admitted to probate?  I’m not sure you can do that but I could be wrong.  I just always assumed you must wait until someone at least filed the will with the court regardless of whether or not they applied to be personal (more…)

Written Notice to Employer of Workers’ Comp Claim

In North Carolina, if you are injured at your place of work, you are very likely entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits from your employer. There are several things to know going into filing for your Workers’ Comp claim. First, if your employer has three or more employees, then they HAVE to have Workers’ Comp insurance. (more…)

Facing Divorce? Take a Break From Social Media!

There are so many triggers during a divorce that will make you scramble for your phone to rant on Facebook or send out a couple tweets eviscerating something your ex did. And while your point may be completely valid, you need to resist that urge. Stay strong because the risk associated with blowing off some (more…)

Bond Forfeiture Process: Getting Started

In order to better understand North Carolina’s statute regarding Bond Forfeitures, it helps to first understand how the bond process works. It all starts when the presiding judge enters an order containing the criminal defendant’s bond amount. The criminal defendant has two choices from there: (1) she can wait in jail until her hearing, or (more…)

Bond Forfeitures: Diligent Bondsmen are Rewarded

Under N.C. Gen. Stat. 15A-544.1-544.8, Diligent Bondsmen are rewarded  by almost always getting their bonds back so long as they do what they are supposed to do under the statute. Bondsmen can accomplish this by filing what is called a “Motion to Set Aside” in which they ask the court to set aside the bonds (more…)

I fled to North Carolina with my child; Can I get custody?

Obtaining custody of your children can be a very worrying process, especially if your spouse or former spouse also wants custody. It is an even more stressful process if you have just left another state with your child for protection from your significant other. There are a few important things to understand about custody when (more…)


Many times, if someone is convicted of a crime, probation is one of the consequences that the person has to face. And, unfortunately, being on probation almost always sets someone up for failure because, if any of the terms and conditions of your probation are violated, you can be charged with a probation violation – (more…)