Did Another Citizen Take Out Criminal Charges Against You in McDowell County, North Carolina?

In McDowell County, like in other counties across North Carolina, private citizens can go before a magistrate and take out criminal charges against another private citizen.  Under the North Carolina arrest warrant law, the only requirement is that the magistrate be supplied with sufficient information to find probable cause.  If you are reading this, then (more…)

Frequently Asked Questions

We all at sometime or another will likely experience the need to contact an attorney. Many times the need comes during a difficult or trying time in our lives. Calling an attorney’s office should not be stressful or burdensome. To ease any concerns you may have, we are answering the top ten frequently asked questions (more…)

South Carolina Annulments

Occasionally, soon after getting married, people realize that there is some sort of problem. What happens next? Sometimes it is possible to annul the marriage, or declare that the marriage is void. For over one hundred years now, courts in South Carolina have had the authority to rule that marriages are invalid, for a variety (more…)

Attorney King to Speak at Advanced Divorce Law Seminar

Attorney Brian W. King, managing partner of King Law and North Carolina Family Law Specialist, is scheduled to speak at the upcoming NBI educational seminar on February 2nd in Charlotte, NC. The seminar will focus on Advanced Divorce Law and is designed for Attorneys, Divorce Financial Planners/Analysts, Accountants and Paralegals. Attorney King will present information (more…)

Matters of the Heart Heart-Balm Claims

North Carolina unlike many other states still recognizes what are known as “Heart-Balm” claims a form a tort action.  This article will discuss two such claims and will lay out the general elements of each claim.  The first claim that I will discuss is “Criminal Conversation” and the second claim will be “Alienation of Affection.”  (more…)

Department of Motor Vehicles Property Tax Appeals

When dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles it is important to be patient and file all appeals in a timely manner.  If you have recently received your Property Tax Assessment for your motor vehicle and think that the amount of the tax is too high, based on the value of the vehicle at the (more…)

The Rules of the Game: Operating Agreements

Do I need an Operating Agreement?  The answer is simple, YES, you should have an Operating Agreement if you want to save yourself a lot of heartache and turmoil.  An Operating Agreement is the very fabric that holds together any business.  One of the easiest ways to look at an Operating Agreement is to think (more…)

Forming a Limited Liability Company in North Carolina

When looking to start a small business there are many different forms of a small business that one can form, ranging from a sole proprietor to a corporation, and in between the two are many other types of small businesses.  This article will focus only on the formation of a Limited Liability Company or LLC.  (more…)

Worker’s Compensation

If you have had an accident arising out of and in the course of your employment, you could be entitled to compensation. Worker’s compensation pays injured employees for their lack of capacity to no longer earn wages. If you are injured on the job, you must give notice to your employer within 30 days of (more…)

UCCJEA and Parental Abduction Issues

In 1999, North Carolina was an early adopted of a law that every state now recognizes, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. I have found that judges tend to refer to their judicial handbook in these decisions. I have attached a 2006 version of the chart they use (published by the Institute of (more…)