New North Carolina Expunction Law

Recently, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed Senate Bill 445 into law. This law has a major impact on those who have past criminal records in North Carolina. An expungement is a process that one can go through in order to get certain past criminal charges and/or convictions off their criminal record. There are very (more…)

Pre-trial Limited Driving Privilege for a DWI Charge

In North Carolina, when an individual is charged with a DWI, their license is taken for 30 days. This is what is called a “30-day Civil Revocation.” During this period, the defendant cannot operate a motor vehicle or they will be charged with a Driving While License Revoked.   There are no exceptions to this (more…)

Why Is My Child Charged As An Adult?

In North Carolina a child who commits or violates a criminal law of the state may be charged as an adult in several situations.  This may be contrary to what you have read elsewhere online, and that is because North Carolina is one of only two states remaining where 16 year olds are automatically charged (more…)

Adjusted Amounts vs. Billed Amounts In Personal Injury Cases

In personal injury cases, the aggregate amount of medical bills is the determining factor in their valuation. Though it is common practice for the injured party to ask for three times their total costs from the injury, insurance adjusters base their maximum settlements from actual amount of the medical bills themselves. Though this seems pretty (more…)

What To Do If You Get A Traffic Citation In Another State

It happens, you are on vacation, or visiting family in another state, you might be unfamiliar with the area or you might be lost, and you weren’t paying close attention to the signs.  The police stop you for speeding, or making an illegal turn, and it ruins your vacation. Nobody wants to get a traffic (more…)

Quick Tips for Handling Your Business’ Collections

Nobody works for free. Yes, some people volunteer in their local communities or pitch in after a natural disaster. And there are even those who help out at a family business to either stay busy or just to feel useful. So, to be more accurate, nobody that works for a living does so for free. (more…)

Protecting Your Parental Rights

One of the saddest parts of divorce and relationship break ups are the separation of children from a parent.  Generally, one parent will have the majority of the time with the children and one parent gets more limited time. If you are a parent who is receiving less time with your children it is very (more…)

The 4th Amendment and School Searches

The 4th Amendment and School Searches   The 4th Amendment is a pretty simple body of law at first glance: individuals are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. This basically means that the police or the government needs to show good reason before invading a person reasonable expectation of privacy. However, their “good reason” depends (more…)

So, You’re in a Lawsuit, What is “Discovery”?

In the state of South Carolina “discovery” is a pretrial process in which each party through the rules of civil procedure can obtain evidence from the other side. Even though engaging in discovery can add to the expense of a case, learning about the other sides case and being forced to reveal certain aspects of (more…)

Traffic Stops and the 4th Amendment

When the framers of the constitution drafted the 4th amendment, it is safe to say they could not anticipate the invention of the automobile and certainly not their essential function in the daily life of Americans. Fortunately, the constitution was designed as a fluid instrument, as to prevent the government from denying essential protections to (more…)