How a vehicle is transferred upon death

When an individual dies, how that person had his or her vehicles titled will affect how difficult it is to transfer title of such vehicles.  Below are several ways to title a vehicle and a summary of the steps necessary to transfer title upon death. Oftentimes, a person will hold title to a vehicle individually.  (more…)

Financial Considerations when Creating Your Estate Plan

We spend so a lot of time worrying about our present and future finances. And no matter how much you contribute to your 401k, you feel guilty that you didn’t set enough aside. Your estate plan doesn’t need to add to that stress. An experienced attorney will have checklists and streamlined packages that will ensure (more…)

Judgments In North Carolina

A judgment is a document issued by the court which states that money is owed by the person against whom the judgment is entered.  This order is public record, meaning that lenders and creditors can check court records for outstanding judgments before going into business with an individual. A few things to keep in mind (more…)

Domestic Violence Protective Orders in North Carolina

Are you a victim of domestic violence or has someone you know falsely accused you of domestic violence? If so, you have most likely heard of a Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO), also referred to as a “50B” in North Carolina. A DVPO is a court order that provides protection to someone who is a (more…)

What South Carolina Residents Should Include In a Will

Dying is a reality for everyone but something that few want to think about. It is never easy on family and friends when a loved one passes away.  It is important to think about how your affairs will be handled when you pass away.  Planning for your death and the legal aspects that come along (more…)

Maybe He Doesn’t Hit You, But It’s Still Abuse

Across the county and across the State, October is known as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Domestic Violence doesn’t concern itself with race, religion, economic status, or sexual orientation.  #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou, but not all scars and bruises can be seen.   Domestic violence extends beyond physical abuse, and The North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence broadly defines domestic (more…)

Why it’s Nearly Impossible to Win a Probation Violation

If you’ve ever experienced a criminal conviction, chances are you may have been placed on probation.  If you are ever in the unfortunate position to be placed on supervised probation, be sure to take it very seriously and to form a good relationship with your Probation Officer.  The reason this is so important is that (more…)

DWI Pretrial Limited Driving Privileges

You’ve been charged with Driving While Intoxicated. Waves of anxiety overcome you as you think about a possible conviction, longterm consequences on your criminal record, and the immediate impact on your ability to drive and accomplish day to day tasks. The date you were charged with the DWI, the arresting officer likely took your Driver’s (more…)

School Bus Laws

The 411 on School Bus Passing Safety Now that it is officially fall, and you have hopefully figured out your little ones’ school schedules, fallen in love with their teachers, and have finally figured out the perfect portion of peanut butter to jelly to make the perfect lunch!  But have you reviewed the rules for (more…)

What Documents Will Your Divorce Lawyer Need?

The relief people feel immediately after telling their spouse that they want a divorce can be swept away quickly by the overwhelming uncertainty of how to proceed. The same dread can fill the recipient of the news. He or she not only has to deal with the emotional impact, but now needs to cast an (more…)