North Carolina Parental Rights Lawyers

Parents who live together with their child or who equally participate in caring for their child may not have considered North Carolina laws on parental rights and what those entitlements include. However, when parents are not in a relationship or are going through a divorce, parental rights become one of the most critical issues.

Whether you’re a mother or father, your number one focus is having a strong relationship with your child as they grow. It can be challenging for separating parents to compromise when it comes to visitation and child custody matters. Without trusted legal counsel, you take the chance of having your parental rights infringed. If you’re concerned about your parental rights in North Carolina, King Law is prepared to help.

How Our North Carolina Family Lawyer Can Protect Your Parental Rights

Numerous situations call for legal help to protect a parent’s rights. Suppose your child’s mother or father is impacting your ability to participate in your child’s life. Perhaps your ex-spouse is neglecting to pay child support or ignoring visitation orders. Whatever situation you may be in, if you believe your parental rights are being violated, our knowledgeable North Carolina parental rights lawyers at King Law are excellently qualified to help. Contact us today for legal support protecting your constitutional parental rights in all family law matters, including:

  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Paternity
  • Relocation
  • Visitation

Divorce and separation are never easy, especially when children are involved. When it comes to protecting and maintaining a healthy relationship with your kids, having a knowledgeable family law attorney on your side is indispensable. With detailed knowledge and extensive experience trying North Carolina family law cases, our legal professionals at King Law are ready to protect your best interests and serve your needs. If you need a parental rights lawyer in North Carolina, contact our office to get the skilled family law services you need.

What Are Parental Rights in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, both parents have legal rights and responsibilities to their children. Additionally, parental rights address spending time with their children. In almost all instances, mothers and fathers equally have rights involving their child, including the right to be involved in making decisions regarding their child’s:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Well-being

North Carolina courts cannot favor the mother nor father simply because of their gender. However, parental rights can be limited or terminated if a judge considers it to be in the child’s best interests. For instance, if a parent struggles with drug addiction and has been in and out of rehabilitation, their rights to see their child may be taken away or greatly limited.

Examples of Illegal Limitation of Parental Rights

In hostile family law issues, one parent may try to limit or eliminate the parental rights of their child’s mother or father entirely. Sometimes, one parent may try to distance the other parent and their child by moving.

A mother or father could restrict the other parent’s visitation rights to their child or pose challenges by making unrealistic demands to prevent visits. Suppose the other parent to your child excludes you from involvement in treatment decisions when your child is sick or does not provide information about your child’s education or well-being. In that case, they are violating your parental rights.

Defending against Claims of Being an Unfit Parent

In contentious child custody disputes, it’s not uncommon for one parent to accuse the other of being unfit to care for their child. In that situation, even if the claims are unjustified, failing to refute them could result in losing custody of your child. King Law’s parental rights lawyers are experienced in addressing these concerns in North Carolina family law cases. When you partner with our firm, our skilled family lawyers will challenge any attempt to take away your children.

Establishing Paternity in North Carolina

Children need to have the opportunity to participate in a loving and supportive relationship with both their parents. If you’re a father who needs to establish paternity so you can be involved in your child’s life, or if you’re a mother needing a paternity test to secure financial support to provide for your child’s needs, King Law’s parental rights lawyers can help. Talk to our seasoned family lawyers today to learn your legal possibilities and decide whether DNA testing is required to establish paternity.

Get Help Enforcing Your Parental Rights from Experienced North Carolina Family Lawyers

If your relationship with your child is being impacted due to the other parent’s refusal to let you assert your parental rights, get in touch with the experienced North Carolina family lawyers at King Law for trusted legal aid. We’re ready to help you take immediate action to request a judge to put an end to that behavior and safeguard your rights as a mother or father.

At King Law, our founding partner Brian King specializes in North Carolina family law. Our full-service law firm is committed to helping clients address these divisive matters mindfully to reduce the stress for all parties involved and secure the most favorable outcome possible for your family. Our exceptional team of legal professionals works tirelessly, strategically, and thoughtfully to advocate for our clients every day. Talk to an experienced parental rights lawyer and call (888) 748-KING or complete a contact form today.