Fathers’ Rights in North Carolina

Being a part of your child’s life is something that many fathers want, regardless of whether or not they are still in a relationship with the child’s other parent. Many fathers living in North Carolina are well aware that raising and supporting a child is much more challenging when your rights as a father are being violated.

Parenting is complex enough without the inclusion of legal matters or custody. If you are a father who is looking to move forward with a case related to paternal rights, visitation, or another family law matter, the experienced lawyers at King Law in North Carolina are ready to represent you.

Reasons for Pursuing a North Carolina Paternity Cases

Depending on the nature of your relationship with your child’s mother, you may not feel that you have an active role in your child’s life. Having a say in important matters, such as the school that your child attends or what kind of medical treatment they receive, is a part of your rights as a father. When these rights are not respected, it can cause many fathers to seek legal counsel.

Some of the other most common reasons for pursuing a case related to fathers’ rights in North Carolina include:

  • Establishing co-parenting rights to make joint decisions on how a child is raised.
  • Petitioning for custody or visitation as the father of the child.
  • Pursuing the other parent for child support payments.
  • Granting the child access to medical histories from both parents.
  • Implementing benefits through their legal father including medical inheritance, insurance, Social Security benefits, federal benefits, and state benefits, and more.

Regardless of why you choose to move forward with a North Carolina paternity case, you deserve to receive counsel from a lawyer who always has your best interests in mind. The help of a qualified lawyer can give you the advantage you need to restore your rights and ensure they are protected from any further violation by your child’s other parent.

Custody and Visitation for Father’s in North Carolina

Paternity cases tend to move into child custody cases in North Carolina court when the parents are no longer together. When this happens and the parents choose to pursue a custody case, the court will consider what is best for the child and how custody will affect their livelihood.

The judge presiding over the case will examine any relevant factors of the child’s life that may be negatively affected by one custody decision over the other; for example, if a child is enrolled in one school and would have their education disrupted by changing parental custody arrangements, the court will likely act against that decision.

North Carolina judges award two different kinds of custody: sole custody or joint custody. Sole custody establishes that an individual parent takes care of the child, while joint custody dictates that each parent provides partial support for the child in the form of visitation and housing. In the state of North Carolina, fathers have an equal right to receive full custody of their child if it is in their best interest.

How Can a Lawyer Help My Fathers’ Rights Case?

Occasionally, fathers establish short-term joint separation agreements during the course of a divorce hearing and decide, after the divorce has been finalized, that they surrendered too much of their rights to custody and visitation. In cases like these, a knowledgeable lawyer can work with you to facilitate an updated custody agreement that aligns with your desire to play a larger role in your child’s life.

Support modifications are another common challenge that fathers face that can require the legal assistance of a trusted lawyer in North Carolina. Retaining legal counsel and dedicated representation from a trial-tested lawyer can make it easier for fathers who are living in North Carolina to pursue any family law case that violates their paternal rights.

Unparalleled Legal Representation for Father’s in North Carolina

Access to a dependable lawyer in North Carolina can provide you with an invaluable resource during the course of your family law case. Whether you are a father looking for custody of your child, an adjustment to your visitation schedule, or any other legal situation related to paternity matters or a fathers’ rights, the team at King Law can work with you to get the best possible outcome for your case. Our experienced lawyers have helped thousands of clients in North Carolina build strong cases and ensure that their rights are protected.

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