North Carolina Grandparents’ Rights Lawyers

Outside of being a parent, becoming a grandparent is one of the most joyous things that a person can do. Few things are better than having a loving grandchild run into your arms and call you grandpa or grandma.

If your grandchild happens to be in a harmful or neglectful home, it is also natural for you to feel protective of them as a grandparent. You will want to do everything you can to ensure that your grandchildren are safe and cared for. However, there are legal limitations as to how much you can care for your grandchildren. If you need help exercising your rights as a grandparent in North Carolina, the King Law family law attorneys can help.

How a Grandparent’s Rights Lawyer in North Carolina can Serve You

A grandparents’ rights lawyer will be there to make sure that you can do everything in your power to help your grandchildren. If the grandchild’s parents are abusive or neglectful, a grandparents’ rights lawyer will help you secure legal custody of your grandchildren, should it come to that.

It may not always be obvious when children are being abused or neglected. Most courts and judges today like to keep boys and girls with their biological parents whenever possible. A grandparents’ rights lawyer will help you prove your case to a judge that it is to the benefit of the grandchild that they are removed from parental care and placed into your care instead.

Does North Carolina Recognize Grandparents’ Rights?

While North Carolina does not officially recognize grandparents’ rights, they are not opposed to grandparents adopting their grandchildren. The tricky part is that your lawyer will have to prove that not one but both parents are incapable of caring for their child.

How Can a Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer Help You?

If you are a grandparent and feel like your grandchildren live in a dangerous or harmful environment, a grandparents’ rights lawyer can help. Judges do not like to split children up from their parents, and a solid case must be made to do this.

A good grandparents’ rights lawyer could mean the difference between receiving custody of your grandchildren and losing all connection with them. If you try for custody and fail, there is a good chance that you will be cut off entirely from your grandchildren by their parents.

What are My Rights as a Grandparent?

As a loving grandparent, you have every right to be an advocate for your grandchildren if you deem them to be in a harmful living environment. If a court finds your grandchildren’s parents to be unfit, you or another relative will be the first to have the opportunity to gain custody.

Whenever possible, a judge will try for grandparents to gain custody of their grandchildren. If this is not feasible, however, the child will enter into foster care. If this child becomes adopted by someone who is not a relative, you as a grandparent will not have any visitation rights or rights towards the child.

Protecting Your North Carolina Grandparent Rights

If you choose to seek out a grandparents’ rights lawyer, you will want to employ one with the best interests of you and your grandchildren in mind. At King Law Offices of North Carolina, our family lawyers are honest, reliable, and caring towards your family’s needs. We will ensure that the well-being of the children comes first and make it their mission to give them the best outcome possible. Call our office today at (888) 748-5464 or fill out our online contact form.