Hickory Mediation Lawyer

No matter how hard you try, there are times when your emotions are going to get the best of you. You do not want one of those times to be in the midst of conversations about the division of your belongings after a divorce. Whether you’re contending with the aftermath of a relationship or struggling with other forms of business, mediators are on your side.

Specifically, mediation attorneys in Hickory want to give you every opportunity to make your needs known during difficult conversations with another party. King Law staff members can intercede on your behalf as these conversations take place, ensuring that meetings remain civil while upholding your right to equal representation in difficult negotiations.

Understanding Mediation in North Carolina

Mediation lawyers specifically help you understand what your rights are in the wake of a divorce and can discuss how you want to break up your property. A mediator can then oversee conversations with your ex-partner and ensure that conversations about property remain as civil as possible.

Put another way: mediators provide you with an out-of-court opportunity to quickly and civilly divide assets from a marriage. You can even use mediation to hammer out the details of a custody agreement. So long as you go to court upon the conclusion of a mediation and sign the applicable paperwork, this process can save you a lot of time and hurt.

There is some significant crossover between mediation and arbitration. Like mediation, arbitration sees you and an ex-partner call in a neutral party to navigate the division of your shared assets. However, arbitration most often comes into play when two companies are separating, whereas mediation is more personal. If you run a business with an ex-partner, you may need to call on an arbitration professional to help you divide your business’s assets. When you’re contending with a divorce or custody arrangement, however, mediation attorneys in Hickory can help you see the division through.

When to Call a Hickory Mediation Lawyer

Knowing when to call on a mediation lawyer can be tricky. On one hand, you may want to try and negotiate the division of property with an ex-spouse on your own. On the other, handling these conversations on your own can get stressful—and going to court can be expensive.

Mediation lawyers represent a kind of third party in between self-management and divorce court. If you’d rather not go to court but don’t want to interact with an ex-spouse directly, you should contact a mediation lawyer as soon as you can after you separate.

Getting in touch with a mediation lawyer quickly allows you some peace of mind as you step away from a marriage. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to take back ownership of contested belongings on a reasonable timeline. Schedule a consultation with a mediation lawyer in Hickory and learn for yourself what a quick connection can do for you.

Mediation May Be Mandatory as Part of Your Case

North Carolina does expect the parties undergoing a divorce to pursue mediation before they bring their case before a judge. This means that if you are pursuing a divorce from an ex-partner, you should seek out a mediation lawyer sooner rather than later.

Family courts in North Carolina want to make it as easy as possible for you and an ex-partner to divide your property. Going to court can, unfortunately, be both expensive and time-consuming. If a mediation lawyer can help you avoid time in the courtroom, you can get your property back faster and start taking back control of your life.

That said, you are not required to resolve property disputes in mediation. If there comes a point where even a mediation lawyer cannot find common ground between you and your ex-partner, you can work with an attorney to bring your case into the courtroom.

Contact Hickory Mediation Lawyers for Divorce Guidance Today

Mediation lawyers are your allies. If you’re struggling to contend with the emotions of a recent divorce or want a third party to negotiate with another party on your behalf, mediation attorneys know how to gracefully and professionally address your needs. You can work with King Law to outline your goals for mediation and push forward toward achieving them.

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