Hickory Drug Crimes Lawyer

If you have been arrested on drug-related charges, you may be unsure what to do next. Your predicament is serious, regardless of whether you are charged with a misdemeanor for marijuana possession or a felony for drug trafficking.

A criminal accusation can also be harmful to your reputation and perhaps your career. Likewise, prosecutors and police may move swiftly to collect information they believe will show you committed the crime. Fortunately, there are experienced legal professionals standing by to assist.

Let the skilled criminal defense attorneys at King Law examine your drug accusations and outline your potential defense strategies. Our knowledgeable drug offense attorneys represent clients in Hickory and the neighboring areas throughout the state.

Potential Defenses Against Drug Crimes in Hickory, North Carolina

The State must prove each aspect of the crime it claims you committed in order to find you guilty. Our skilled King Law criminal defense lawyers will carefully review and contest the State’s proof and legal theory. Drug charges may occasionally be withdrawn or dismissed due to an unjustified arrest. Some of the facts we might contest if a case proceeds include:

  • Possession of the drugs in question: Were the narcotics discovered on you? Were they found on or in a property (car, house, public space) that belonged to someone else? When they were discovered, did you have control over the purported drugs?
  • The authenticity of the alleged drugs and their weight or amount: We might be able to contest the testing methods or weight of the substances used to authenticate them or charge you.
  • Intent to sell and deliver: Were you wrongly charged with a more severe offense because there was a lot of cash, sandwich bags, or a household scale where you were arrested?
  • The validity of the witnesses: Has there been a problem with how the police initially identified you? Is the witness trustworthy if it was an informant? Were the correct procedures followed if there was a suspect lineup?
  • The chain of custody for the drugs presented as evidence: Can the state demonstrate that the evidence being used was what was seized when you were arrested? Has the prosecution produced documentation in a proper chain of custody from the police to testing, storage, and presentation in court?

As your lawyers, we may have multiple chances to attempt to have the drug accusations brought against you withdrawn or reduced. If necessary, we will discuss whether taking a plea bargain or going to trial will be in your best interests.

Common Types of Drug Crime Cases in Hickory, NC

The North Carolina drug crime defense lawyers at King Law have won cases involving marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and other drugs against all kinds of accusations.

North Carolina law prohibits the possession, production, sale, delivery, or possession to manufacture, sell, or deliver a restricted substance or a fake controlled substance. As a result, a person could be held accountable for various drug offenses.

Our law firm has expertise dealing with accusations of:

  • Drug possession
  • Sale and delivery of drugs
  • Intent to distribute or sell controlled substances
  • Manufacturing controlled substances
  • Conspiracy to commit drug crimes
  • Trafficking of controlled substances
  • Federal drug charges
  • Prescription drug possession

Most people find being arrested on drug charges daunting. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can provide quick and competent legal aid. In an initial meeting with you, our team can clearly explain the charges you are facing and any potential repercussions. We can also suggest a possible defense for the accusations you face.

How a Hickory Attorney Can Safeguard your Future

Legal representation prevents you from being wrongfully convicted and violating your constitutional rights. If you contact King Law to fight for your rights, we will conduct a study to see if you have any valid defenses and, if so, how strong they are. We will pursue acquittal wherever possible.

However, if it’s not possible to have your charges dropped entirely, we may be able to work with the prosecution to have your punishments reduced. In exchange for a lenient sentence, we will explore drug treatment if it is an option.

Contact a Hickory Drug Crimes Lawyer

Any queries you have regarding mounting a compelling defense against drug accusations can be addressed by the knowledgeable legal staff at King Law. Our team of accomplished criminal defense attorneys are well-versed in the criminal justice system in North Carolina. We take pride in offering our clients the reputable, honorable representation they deserve.

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