Hickory Child Support Lawyer

No parent wants to see their child struggle in life. Your ability to support your child, however—particularly in the wake of a divorce, professional mishaps, and changes in life—varies. If you’ve previously agreed to a child support arrangement that you can no longer abide by, you need a professional to help you alter your agreement.

That’s where King Law steps in. Our North Carolina divorce and child support attorneys understand that life isn’t always economically easy. That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible for you to discuss reasonable changes to your child support payment plan with an ex-spouse or partner. You can schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about our services today.

Hickory Child Support Attorneys Help You Understand Your Child Support Payments

Even as you’re undergoing a divorce or separation, Hickory child support attorneys make it easy for you to contribute to your child’s future. Specifically, we can help you understand how North Carolina law can impact your upcoming child support payments.

North Carolina does not demand that each parent provide the same amount of financial support to a child. The state’s approach is more nuanced. We can assess your child’s financial needs and determine what ability you and another parent have to meet those needs, based on your circumstances at the time you discuss child support.

We specifically turn to North Carolina’s Child Support Guidelines for help establishing your baseline child support payments. You can also expect a court to issue you child support worksheets A, B, or C as you discuss upcoming payments. You can go through these documents with a child support attorney and ask any questions you may have about your financial future.

Anticipating Upcoming Child Support Payments

North Carolina’s willingness to divide child support responsibility between parents based on a parent’s current income is, under the best of circumstances, considerate of the financial stressors that may impact your life. In general, the state will consider the following factors when first establishing your expected payments:

  • Your monthly income
  • The possibility for an increase in income, including fluctuating investments
  • The child’s needs, including schooling, healthcare, and daily essentials
  • Planning for emergencies
  • The child’s standard of living

While courts do take the possibility of a change in your income into account when calculating child support payments, these payments are most often fixed courtesy of the data you provided at the time of support negotiations. If you want to modify your child support payments, you may have to work with a child support attorney to take your case back to court.

Going to Court to Discuss Your Child Support Payments

The first time you agree on child support payments, you still need to go to court to get the applicable documents enforced by a judge. Should you find yourself disagreeing about the nature of your child support payments later in life, you may also be expected to return to court to argue your case.

Altering Child Support Payments as a Child Ages

Drastic life changes can feel like they come out of nowhere. If you abruptly find yourself unable to provide your child with the child support payments you used to, you can request that a court modify the amount of support you’re expected to pay. 

You must file a Motion to Modify if you want to alter your child support order. Upon bringing your motion forward, be prepared to present financial information detailing why you believe you can no longer make the payments that you used to. You can work with our child support lawyers to make this case to both a judge and to your child’s other parent.

Challenging Accusations of Missed Child Support Payments

If your child’s other parent is discontent with your efforts to pay child support, or if you miss payments, that parent may issue a Motion for Order to Show Cause for Failure to Comply with a Child Support Order against you. Upon receiving this motion, you’ll be expected to go to family court and explain why you’ve allegedly not made your recent payments.

It is in your best interest when presented with this kind of motion, to contact a child support lawyer in Hickory. The sooner you have a legal professional on your side, the sooner you can begin drafting your explanation for recently-missed payments. Alternatively, you can work with our team to argue that your payments have been misrepresented by your child’s other parent.

Hickory Child Support Lawyers Advocate For You

Understanding the ins and outs of child support is no easy feat. Addressing the needs of a child while contending with the complexities of a divorce or other circumstances that leave emotions running high can be made easier if you have a professional on hand. If you find yourself in need of guidance regarding child support, King Law can lend you a hand.

For more information on child support payments, or to challenge the payments required of you, you can contact our Hickory child support attorneys today. We’re available to discuss your circumstances over the phone at (888) 748-5464 or (888) 748-KING. We are also available online courtesy of our contact form.