At King Law, we care about our clients. We understand the impact that a criminal record can have on a person. It can prevent you from getting the job you want and it can have an impact on where you live and more. Our lawyers and their staff are here to assist you with an expungement of your criminal record.

If a person is charged with a crime in North Carolina and the charge is dismissed or a finding of not guilty is entered, that person may apply to the court in the county where the charge was brought for an order to expunge from all official public records any entries related to his/her apprehension or trial, pursuant to N.C.G.S. 15A 145-146. A crime is either a misdemeanor or felony. Most traffic violations are infractions and do not qualify for Expungement.

Because the criminal system can be frightening and lawyers usually speak in strange and confusing ways, King Law knows that their clients need to have everything about their case carefully and easily explained. Our lawyers and their staff take time – as much as it requires – to communicate with you in about all of your options. We will put in the time and effort to see that you get the level of representation that you truly deserve.

Is expunction (Expungement) an option in your case? Contact King Law and arrange a consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys. King Law serving Rutherford-Polk-Cleveland-Marion Counties of North Carolina and Greenville-Spartanburg Counties of South Carolina.

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