Traffic & DUI

Anyone facing a traffic offense or DUI/DWI charge can receive legal services from any one of our western North Carolina or upstate South Carolina locations.

Being pulled over by law enforcement and receiving a citation can be the beginning of a whole chain of stressful events. One of the more stressful components involves attending court, and trying to work your way through the legal maze to understand your best options for handling the citation you received.

King Law Offices provides efficient and effective courtroom defense for traffic matters and other driving violations. Our team of South Carolina and North Carolina traffic lawyers defend clients’ legal rights and financial situation while protecting their driving privileges from our nine locations.

While traffic matters can be dealt with directly in court by the person who received the citation, we strongly recommend that you hire competent counsel to assist you. If handled improperly, a citation could result in a suspended or revoked license. Therefore, the goal of our South Carolina and North Carolina traffic lawyers is to take care of these matters quickly and within minimum inconvenience to the daily schedules of our clients.

Often clients are relieved to know that someone else will take the responsibility of determining best options following a traffic citation, and working to achieve those results. In addition, many times we can do so without the need for you to miss work or be otherwise inconvenienced.

Call us today if our traffic lawyers we can provide you with legal assistance from our North and South Carolina offices in any of the following:

Driving While License Revoked
Failure to Appear
Privilege/Provisional License
Speeding and other Traffic Violations

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