Traffic Violations

King Law’s North and South Carolina offices provide legal services for traffic violations.
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Most people who receive a traffic citation think that it is no big deal and simply pay the fine. This is one of the biggest mistakes that a driver can make. A person should never just pay the fines for a ticket, whether it’s for speeding, reckless driving or running through a stop sign, without at least consulting with a traffic attorney. Your traffic citation can result in your license being suspended, your insurance rates skyrocketing, and your driving record ruined.

Penalties can be severe; it is important to consult and retain a competent and experienced traffic lawyer to guide you through the process and to explain your options to you. In most cases, the charges can be reduced and no effect on your driving record or insurance. A good traffic attorney can help you obtain the best result possible.

If you’d like one of our traffic lawyers to represent you in court (available in North Carolina and South Carolina), please complete the form below. We will review your ticket information and contact you at the phone number provided.