North Carolina Guardianship Lawyers

Legal guardianship is rarely an easy subject to discuss. Often, these situations involve tragic situations that are tough for families. For children, guardianship cases typically consist of deceased parents or parents deemed mentally or physically unfit to care for a dependent. Guardianship cases concerning adults often include a family member who is no longer able to care for or make decisions on their own.

Guardianship cases are complex legal matters that require a trained professional eye. If you are interested in obtaining guardianship, a qualified King Law North Carolina guardianship attorney can help.

What is Legal Guardianship in North Carolina?

In the event a guardianship is needed, a court appoints a person(s) or an agency to make decisions and act on behalf of someone who has been deemed unfit or lacks the capacity to make certain decisions. Specifically, those decisions focus on financial and even medical decisions. It’s an incredibly personal legal case that requires close attention to detail. After all, this means that a person can no longer make critical decisions about their wellbeing. The important thing to note is that a court process is needed to create this guardianship. This is why having legal representation with strong knowledge in that area can be very beneficial.

Who May Need Legal Guardianship?

Guardianship can be over a child or an adult. It can focus on care over a person, an estate, or both in some instances. This type of case must get down to the finer details of decision-making because what goes into the legal document will be legally binding. The agreement can be temporary or permanent based on many factors (such as the child’s age or once certain criteria have been met for an adult), and there are many reasons someone may request guardianship. The following are some of the situations where it may be necessary:

  • Older adults that have become incapacitated
  • Children with deceased parents or in situations where parents are mentally incapable of making certain decisions
  • An adult functioning with diminished capacity in some areas
  • A child that has been abandoned
  • A parent that has been hospitalized and unable to temporarily make decisions for a child

Legal guardianship must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible to be reviewed by a judge. For adults to have legal guardianship, it must be especially clear that they are incapable of making decisions in their own best interest.

How a Guardianship Attorney Can Help

Having representation knowledgeable in guardianship is important throughout the process to understand the legal ramifications that can go with it. Finding a North Carolina guardianship attorney that will work with you for the best outcome and in the best interest of everyone can help make navigating this process less stressful and give you more confidence in the process. Make sure to find an attorney who will learn about your specific situation and advocate for your best interest. You certainly want someone who specializes in this area and has experience handling cases similar to yours.

Contact Legal Guardianship Attorneys in North Carolina

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