North Carolina Child Support Lawyer

The fundamental goal of North Carolina’s child support system is to allow every child the equal opportunity to succeed. Simply because parents choose not to live together does not mean their child should not be given the same financial benefits they would have appreciated if their parents lived in the same house. Even when one parent does not wish to take child support payments from the other party, they should not deprive their child of the opportunity for the financial security they deserve under North Carolina’s child support statutes.

Custodial parents may penalize the other parent with an unrealistic demand for child support in some instances. However, North Carolina has guidelines in place that assess various factors to calculate fair child support payments. While child support laws are highly complex, an experienced family lawyer can help you navigate these guidelines to help you achieve the best result for yourself and your children.

Skilled Legal Counsel for North Carolina Child Support Cases

At King Law, our firm possesses some of the most successful litigators in our area concerning North Carolina’s child support law. The legal counsel of our founding partner, Brian King, has secured exceptional results for countless clients, with one case recently published in the book, Critical Cases in Family Law. Brian King is a family law specialist in North Carolina, having taught at several continuing legal education classes throughout North Carolina on intricate child support matters.

When you partner with King Law North Carolina child support lawyers, you can be confident our firm will work tirelessly, providing cutting-edge representation in your legal matter. Our seasoned child support attorneys give your case the top priority that it deserves, creating strategic arguments tailored for your situation. In the case that your spouse fails to pay their required child support, our attorneys are experienced with child support contempt proceedings in North Carolina as well.

How Is Child Support Calculated in North Carolina?

A formula for determining child support usually streamlines the process for separating parents in North Carolina. Although there are many elements to consider, King Law’s North Carolina child support attorneys are prepared to ensure that our clients’ payments or awards are determined appropriately.

These considerations are the most significant factors when calculating child support payments in North Carolina:

  • Child custody arrangements
  • The amount of visitation time
  • Gross income of both parents
  • Whether a child has special needs
  • Special situations that involve deviation

Keep in mind that a formula is only as good as the entered information. Like marital property division, calculating child support necessitates full accounting of both parents’ gross income and expenses. If one parent is hiding their actual income or expenses, the child support calculations are irrelevant. King Law’s child support attorneys investigate thoroughly to ensure all data calculated in formulating child support awards are correct.

What Circumstances Warrant a Deviation from Child Support Guidelines?

You can request a North Carolina court to modify your child support payments in situations where special circumstances apply. Factors that a court considers in a deviation case include:

  • An actual inability to pay the amount of support
  • Education expenses or other debts
  • Obligations to other children
  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • Contributions received from a third party for support
  • One parent pays 100% health insurance
  • Either parent pays alimony to an ex-spouse

Additionally, you can attempt to negotiate a child support obligation agreement with your child’s other parent. While this agreement can differ from North Carolina’s child support guidelines, the court will still evaluate it to ensure it is in your child’s best interests.

How Does the Process Work to Modify Child Support Awards in North Carolina?

While numerous circumstances can warrant deviations from North Carolina’s child support guidelines, the typical process works as follows:

  1. A written motion and notice to request deviation are submitted to the court.
  2. The court must then determine an appropriate child support guideline.
  3. The court will evaluate the need for child support and the ability of both parents to pay.
  4. The court determines when the probable child support award would exceed or fall short of the child’s reasonable needs taking into account the ability of both parents to provide support or whether that award should be otherwise unreasonable.

King Law’s family law attorneys are ready to help with modifications to child support payments. If you need to modify child support awards after significant changes to your financial situation, contact our office to learn your available options.

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Child support and family law matters are often emotionally charged and never easy as families adjust to new routines and a sense of normalcy. At King Law, we’re committing to helping our clients navigate the child support process by listening to the details of their circumstances and understanding what matters most for their families as they go forward in their lives. Our founding partner, Brian King, specializes in North Carolina family law and is ready to work on your behalf to provide you a range of options for resolutions to your child support matter while ensuring your highest interests are safeguarded.

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