Challenging DWI License Revocation in North Carolina

If you’ve gotten your license revoked due to a DWI charge, you may be worried about your ability to get it back. What might revocation mean for you in the long term? Will you be able to commute to work anytime soon? What other consequences might you face after a DWI? And how can you get your revoked license back?

At King Law, we’re highly experienced in criminal defense law and have represented many clients in DWI cases. If you are looking to get some of your questions answered, we may be able to help. Let us explain everything you need to know after you get your license revoked for a DWI.

What Is License Revocation?

If you’ve never gotten your license revoked before, you may be wondering what revocation is exactly. Essentially, your driver’s license privileges have been terminated for a period of time, and you may need to meet certain conditions in order to get your license back.

The period of the revocation is going to depend on the severity of your charge as well as whether or not you’re a repeat offender of driving while intoxicated or impaired. In general, at least in North Carolina, the minimum term for license revocation is a year following a DWI conviction.

What Are Other Consequences of DWI in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, there are a handful of other consequences you may face following a DWI. These might include some of the following:

  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Community service
  • Court-ordered classes for rehabilitation
  • Extra education or testing to retrieve license privileges

If you’re concerned about these consequences, your lawyer may be able to assist you in decreasing the consequences you might face.

How Do You Get Your Revoked License Back in North Carolina?

If you’d like to get your revoked license back, there are a few steps you may need to follow in order to regain these privileges. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to wait the entirety of your suspension period before you are able to begin the remainder of the process. This period is likely to depend on the number of DWI convictions you’ve faced as well as the severity of the charges associated with these convictions.

After the suspension period, based on your lawyer’s suggestions, or depending on the orders of the court, you will likely need to complete the following:

  • Visit your driver’s licensing office or DMV
  • Pay the processing fee, which may vary depending on the reasons for suspension or revocation
  • Reapply for your license
  • Take and pass required tests

After completing these steps, you will likely be able to retrieve your license and driving privileges in accordance with North Carolina law.

How Might a North Carolina Lawyer be Able to Help?

Depending on where you are in the legal process, a qualified North Carolina criminal defense lawyer may be able to assist you with your DWI case.

Advise You on Next Steps

Your lawyer may be able to advise you on suggested next steps following your DWI charges. You may be asked to avoid social media, to avoid discussing your case with anyone, to comply with the orders of the court or law enforcement, or a number of other items.

Legal Knowledge

Your criminal defense lawyer is likely to have significant legal knowledge relating to DWI cases specifically. If this is the case, their knowledge may be of assistance in avoiding mistakes while reviewing your case, effectively coming up with defenses for your side of the claims, and more.


Lawyers are frequently well-known for their negotiation skills, and your lawyer may also be helpful in this case. This is likely to be useful during hearings, while negotiating the extent of your consequences, and in successfully and favorably describing your version of events.

Reduce Consequences

If you’re concerned about the length of your license revocation or any other consequences, your North Carolina DWI attorney may be able to assist you. Often, criminal defense lawyers are able to reduce these consequences and, on rare occasions, even get your case dismissed.

Challenge the Revocation

If you think you deserve to get the revocation removed, your lawyer may be able to help you argue that this is the case. They may be able to assist you in building an effective and favorable case in order to describe this to the court, in addition to possibly reducing your other consequences.

Get Your Privileges Back With North Carolina DWI Attorneys at King Law

At King Law, we know how to handle DWI cases of all levels of complication, and we’ve been able to aid many clients in lowering their convictions or consequences. Our legal team is dedicated to ensuring our clients are supported through each step of the legal process as well as treating them with compassion and respect.

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