Morganton Mediation Lawyer

Whether you’re going through a divorce or rehashing conversations about custody, these conversations are easier to handle when you have a professional on your side. Instead of trying to work out the logistics of your divide alone, let a mediation attorney step in.

King Law mediators are trained to help guide conversations around divorce and custody in productive directions. When you work with a mediator, you can avoid coming into contact with parties you want to avoid while still upholding your legal obligations. You can learn more about the work our mediators have done before during a consultation with our team.

Do You Need a Mediation Lawyer’s Services?

When you think about divorce proceedings, you’re probably not thinking about mediation. Divorces and separations are fraught with strong emotions, and you may need to take some space for yourself before you pursue legal action. That said, when the time comes to finalize your divorce, you can work with an attorney to make the process as easy as possible.

While divorce lawyers are fantastic assets in court, there are other attorneys you can work with, as well. Mediation lawyers, in particular, can help you and an ex-partner divide your assets without having to go before a judge. If you’d rather not spend several months hashing out the value of your belongings in court, mediation can speed the process along.


What’s more, mediation lawyers know how to navigate the tension of a divorcing couple. No one is going to force you to communicate with an ex-partner more than you explicitly want to. Mediation lawyers can serve as your go-betweens as you focus on creating a new life for yourself.

Does North Carolina Require Mediation in Divorce Cases?

North Carolina family court acknowledges that divorces are emotionally trying for all parties involved. That’s why the state tries to make it as easy as possible for a divorcing couple to separate their belongings and establish custody agreements. The state, in fact, requires divorcing couples to attend mediation before they can bring a divorce case to court.

What does this mean for you? It means that it is in your best interest to start meeting with a mediation lawyer shortly after you and your ex-partner agree to separate. When you get your initial consultations out of the way, you and your ex-partner can transition more easily into the negotiations required of you by the state.

Does North Carolina Require Mediation in Child Support Cases?

If you and your ex-partner have a child, you’re going to need to discuss child support. You can bring child support up during mediation, but you do not have to revisit mediation if you ever want to alter or dispute an agreement.

Instead, our mediation attorneys in Morganton can discuss what kind of child support you believe you can pay and how your current circumstances may impact those payments. We can help you understand the paperwork related to child support and make sure that your concerns about the future are fairly represented in support negotiations.

What to Expect From Your Mediation

Today’s mediation lawyers can conduct consultations in person or over Zoom. You can discuss which medium best suits your interest when first reaching out to our team. During that initial conversation, we can discuss your circumstances and what you want to get out of our mediation services.

From there, we can arrange conversations with your ex-partner. You can determine ahead of time whether you want to be in the same room—or Zoom-space—as your partner, or if you would prefer these conversations to be conducted separately. Our mediators can then go between you and your ex-partner as you divide your assets.

So long as conversations remain civil, mediation services tend to resolve the dissolution of shared property faster than going to court. That said, you should be prepared to engage in some give and take. Our mediation lawyers in Morganton can still take every possible step to keep your mediation as low-stress and low-tension as possible.

Can Mediation Prevent a Case From Going to Court?

Mediation is often seen as an alternative to divorce court cases. This process helps you divide your and your ex-spouse’s assets without having to debate the value of everything in your home in front of a judge. So long as the process remains civil and straightforward, mediation can, in fact, prevent your divorce case from going to court.

If you find yourself satisfied with the division of assets established in your mediation process, you will only have to go before a judge to finalize your related documents. Even then, seeing those documents signed and notarized will take significantly less time than a traditional divorce case.

That said, you have not failed if your mediation falls through. There are times when emotions run too high, or finances are too intertwined to be divided anywhere but before a judge. If you do think you may need to stop your mediation in favor of a trial, let our Morganton mediation lawyers know. We can prepare you for the transition into court.

Contact a Morganton Mediation Lawyer for Support Today

A mediation lawyer from Morganton wants to make conversations addressing divorce and custody less stressful for everyone. When you call on a professional for mediation, you can keep emotions from running away with the important conversations you need to have to secure your future.

To learn more about the mediation process and what to expect from your first several conversations together, you can contact King Law today. We are available to discuss our mediation services over the phone at either (888) 748-5464 or (888) 748-KING. You can also use our contact form to schedule a consultation.