Morganton Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a serious criminal offense, you are facing serious negative consequences that may follow you to future jobs, hinder your chances of obtaining child custody, affect your ability to rent property, and impact your civil liberties and freedom.

The possibility of a criminal conviction can be overwhelming, with the chance of these charges tarnishing your criminal record. Contact an experienced Morganton, NC criminal defense attorney to advocate on your behalf and your future. 

Having a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Morganton, NC on your side can mean the difference between a guilty and not-guilty verdict. The compassionate and diligent legal team at King Law are seasoned professionals in navigating the most complex cases and can offer thoughtful strategies to build you a solid defense to protect your rights and freedom.

How Our Morganton, NC Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help Your Case

Working with an experienced Morganton criminal lawyer means that you have the best chance possible at diminishing or dropping your criminal charges. With the combined experience of a criminal defense legal team, you will have access to vast resources and expertise to help you build a strategic defense strategy. Our Morganton criminal defense law firm can help your case in the following ways: 

  • Provide thoughtful legal counsel on how to proceed in court 
  • Advocate for you if you are set to go to trial 
  • Analyze evidence, exploit weaknesses, and recognize strengths 
  • Investigate procedural mistakes 
  • Use all resources available to negotiate with a prosecutor if going to trial is not your best option 
  • Negotiate to have charges dropped or diminished before trial 

Our Morganton criminal defense law firm helps identify the weaknesses and strengths in your defense from different perspectives and helps build passionate, detail-oriented arguments on your behalf that can make the difference in your freedom and civil liberties.

Types of Charges Our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Morganton, NC Can Help Defend

The dedicated and compassionate criminal defense team at King Law can assist in defending the most complex legal cases in Morganton, NC. We take an aggressive, collaborative approach to our representation. Every criminal case is unique, so be thorough in discussing all evidence presented in the case and various details surrounding strategic next steps that can be beneficial in your defense. 

Our Morganton criminal defense law firm work together to ensure we explore each perspective and outcome to craft a strategy to best fit the best outcome for your case. Types of criminal charges we defend at King Law include: 

Drug Possession and Paraphernalia Charges in Morganton, NC

A drug possession and paraphernalia charge can lead to jail time, high fines and court costs, and a tarnished criminal record. In some instances, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can argue for an alternative to jail time and reducing high fines. 

The sentencing can be serious for a specific classification of drugs, even as a first offense. If you have an existing history of possession charges, a mild offense may lead to a felony conviction. Our diligent Morganton, NC criminal defense lawyers understand that they might benefit from additional help to deal with drug addiction. We can provide information about substance abuse assessments, inpatient/outpatient treatment options, and counseling. 

Assault Criminal Charges in Morganton, NC

An assault criminal conviction can be either a felony or misdemeanor charge in Morganton, NC. The consequences can vary from small fines and up to 30 days in jail to high fines and maximum prison incarceration of 10 years or more. Factors that may determine the penalties include: 

  • The occupation or gender of the other party 
  • Use of a deadly weapon during the incident 
  • The type of injuries the other party endured 
  • Whether you have a criminal record history

A seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Morganton, NC can negotiate for a reduced sentence in some cases. The presence of self-defense is also an essential factor that may require consideration in your case. With the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to drop criminal charges or have them significantly reduced. 

Breaking and Entering Charges in Morganton, NC

A breaking and entering conviction can be serious in Morganton, NC. The prosecution may even go after felony charges against you in certain cases. Criminal intent can be essential in your case and may result in first-degree burglary charges. We may argue the issue of criminal intent to potentially lessen your penalties, we may negotiate a plea deal on your behalf, or we may argue your case in court if necessary. 

Theft and Robbery Charges in Morganton, NC

A theft and robbery conviction can range from shoplifting charges to felony burglary charges. A Morganton, NC criminal defense lawyer should provide a thorough defense to avoid the maximum penalties associated with your theft and robbery charges regardless of the conviction you are facing. 

DUI/DWI in Morganton, NC

When driving a vehicle in North Carolina, it is illegal to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The limit is an alcohol concentration of .08 or higher. A breathalyzer test can determine alcohol consumption and, in some cases, a blood test. 

If you are arrested for a North Carolina DWI, your license is revoked for 30 days, and after ten days, you may become eligible for limited driving privileges. Contacting a lawyer promptly after being pulled over will benefit you in the long run regarding the outcome of future penalties. 

A DWI is typically a misdemeanor offense unless you have a previous criminal record or multiple offenses. The penalties can range from loss of driving privileges, high fines, jail time, and seizure or forfeit of your vehicle. There are many factors that may determine the severity of your penalties. 

A DWI or DUI arrest or charge is not automatically a conviction. Hiring a DUI/DWI Morganton, NC lawyer, gives you the opportunity to build a solid defense, regardless of the evidence against you. A skilled Morganton, NC lawyer, knows how to navigate the complexities of a DUI/DWI case to obtain the most favorable outcome. 

If you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer in Morganton, NC, contact King Law today to get started on your case.

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The King Law criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to providing award-winning criminal defense for those under investigation or charged with a serious criminal offense in Morganton, NC. Our Morganton criminal defense law firm understands the importance of a solid defense. A guilty verdict can have lasting negative repercussions that impact your freedom and civil liberties. 

The compassionate and diligent legal team at King Law are seasoned professionals in navigating the most complex cases and can offer thoughtful strategies to build you a solid defense to protect your rights and freedom. Our Morganton criminal lawyers provide trusted legal counsel and thoughtful guidance to assist in diminishing or dropping charges against you so you can move forward with your life. Call (888) 748-5464 (KING) or fill out our contact form to learn more.