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The custody laws in North Carolina can be overwhelming and confusing. There are several issues to consider, from financial requirements to parents’ and grandparents’ visitation rights. However, the main priority should always be to ensure the children receive the financial support they need from both parents while encouraging responsible behavior towards the kids and emphasizing that they’ll benefit the most when both parents are involved in their lives.

Family law issues in Lincolnton are highly personal. It can be hard amid the stress and emotional turmoil associated with divorce and separation to know how to proceed, including navigating child support. An experienced Lincolnton child support attorney can help parents economically and effectively navigate the family law and child support process.

Child Support Basics in North Carolina

The primary objective of the child support system in North Carolina is to ensure every child is provided with an equal opportunity to succeed. Just because parents decide to separate doesn’t mean their children shouldn’t be provided the same adequate financial support they’d receive if both parents lived in the home together.

Even when one parent decides not to accept child support payments from the other parent, by doing so, they’re actually depriving their child of the financial security they deserve and require under the child support statutes of North Carolina.

Custodial parents may also try and penalize the other parent by demanding an unrealistic amount of child support. However, there are guidelines through North Carolina law that evaluate several factors involved in calculating fair child support payments. Even though laws for child support are very complex, a reliable Lincolnton child support lawyer can help you understand these guidelines to help you receive the optimal result for your children and yourself.

Calculating Child Support in North Carolina

A formula to determine child support will help streamline the process of separating parents in Lincolnton. While there are various components to consider, experienced child support lawyers are prepared to ensure child support payments are determined.

When calculating child support payments, a judge will consider:

  • Both parents’ gross income
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Whether a child has special needs
  • The amount of visitation time
  • Special circumstances involving deviation

It’s important that both parents enter their exact gross income and expenses and not try to hide anything. Otherwise, it results in incorrect child support calculations. The formula for calculating child support is only as good as the information being entered. A reputable Lincolnton child support lawyer in Lincolnton will thoroughly investigate all data to ensure it’s correct before child support is calculated.

Existing Child Support Order Modification 

While child support can be modified, how this modification is handled will differ depending on whether the child support award is determined through a separation agreement or through a court order. If the court orders the child support award, the party must show “changed circumstances,” which must be both material and substantial. This standard can place a significant burden on the party that is trying to modify the amount of child support.

The court will only consider modifications since the most recent order entry. Its evaluation would focus on reasonable requirements, which include:

  • Each parent’s relative ability to pay
  • The reasonable needs of the child or children involved
  • Other essential financial factors that are set forth under the Guidelines

If a separation agreement dictates the child support, the standard for modification will require only that the moving party shows the support necessary to meet the child’s or children’s reasonable needs at the court hearing. The amount that both parties previously agreed upon is presumed reasonable but is used only as certain evidence of the proper level of support. This means that the trial court may disregard a previous settlement over the child support amount, even if the parties deemed the previous amount fair.

Why Work With a North Carolina Child Support Lawyer?

A skilled Lincolnton child support attorney will provide you with a thoughtful, objective case analysis. They understand preparing for separation or divorce can be very emotional. They can objectively evaluate your case and plan and execute a strategy carefully that’s highly targeted to reaching your goals.

A child support lawyer will:

1. Make Use of All of Their Legal Resources and Skills

They will generally have a deep background in family law and will offer a highly-dedicated, skilled legal team that can determine and solve your legal matter.

2. Handle Your Important Legal Issue Carefully

For some individuals in the middle of a divorce, maintaining custody of their kids is their primary concern. For others, it might be ensuring they fully protect their financial interests. A skilled Lincolnton child support lawyer will focus on your unique goals and work hard to achieve them.

3. Protect Your Legal Rights and Interests

They have experience using mediation and negotiation to resolve differences in separation or divorce amicably. However, they are also highly-trained Lincolnton child support attorneys, so they’ll advocate for you aggressively if your case requires a hearing.

4. Communicate Openly and Honestly at Every Stage

A reputable Lincolnton family law attorney will provide you with personalized attention. They’ll be available at every stage of your case to address your concerns and answer any questions you have. They typically provide a free initial consultation to help you learn more about their role in helping you pursue an optimal result in your separation, divorce, and child support matters.

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