It happens more often than you’d think.

Someone goes out for a couple of drinks, feels fine and gets behind the wheel. Other times the person had one or two too many and made a mistake. Both situations can lead to the same charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. And it happens to a wide range of people. Folks from all walks of life find themselves on the receiving end of a DWI, DUI, or drunk driving. The name of the charge likely doesn’t matter, but how you handle the situation can have a huge impact on your immediate and long-term future.

Be Honest and Proactive

The first step is, to be honest with your appraisal of the situation.

If this isn’t your first drunk driving charge, or you have a separate incident where alcohol was involved, the courts could view them as a pattern. A high blood-alcohol content—more commonly referred to as BAC or blood alcohol level—will also leave you little wiggle room moving forward.

A good move may be to talk with an alcohol abuse specialist if you’re concerned that you might have a problem. It may also be beneficial to start attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and keeping a record of your attendance. While the program is anonymous, many members will sign a piece of paper next to the date and location of the meeting and provide their phone number so your attendance could be confirmed by the court or probation officer.

Consult a Lawyer

But regardless of your situation, one of your first decision should involve an attorney. They can give you a professional and objective opinion of your situation. They should be able to decipher whether you should start attending AA and can probably refer you to other services they think may prove beneficial during sentencing or when negotiating a plea.

And that last part is important.

Your attorney should receive and review all the evidence to identify any possible missed protocols or even constitutional errors made by the police, including the servicing records of the equipment used.  But the clear majority of cases will end with a plea bargain. It’s not often that the police make errors when assessing and arresting DUI suspects. Being proactive on the advice of an attorney can help establish a track record to show the prosecutor and ultimately the judge that you’re taking the situation seriously.

If you or someone you know is facing a DUI charge, the attorneys at King Law can help. Call 1-888-748-KING to schedule an appointment, so we can assess the situation and give you a professional opinion. King Law handles a diverse range of legal matters including a variety of criminal and civil actions in both North and South Carolina.

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