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April 27, 2020

Stalking is an old phenomenon that can be experienced in many modern ways. It can be displayed in phone calls, social media (cyber-stalking), physically spying on or following, drones or other cameras or listening devices, sending unwanted gifts or notes (electronic or even snail-mail delivery), threats or actual violence, property damage, spreading rumors, and even unwanted visits at home or office.

Stalking can be a very serious situation and is often overlooked or ignored in the early stages. This can lead to serious intrusions, posted photos, or even assaults, including sexual assaults.

There are numerous types of stalkers. These include Jilted lovers, predatory stalkers (where the victim may or may not know the stalker), relationship eager stalkers, and offended stalkers.

If you feel you are being stalked, King Law and our trained attorneys are here to help. We can assist you in filing a restraining order and in enforcing this order if necessary. We can also aid in obtaining court-ordered mental health treatments for the stalker and pursuing incarceration if warranted. In addition, we can offer protective advice to help you guard your safety.

In contrast, you may be charged with stalking, whether justified or not, and we can represent your rights.  This could be a situation that impacts the remainder of your life in several potential ways and is a situation that requires professional counsel.

Do not attempt to attack this problem alone, we at King Law can help If you have been served with a Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO), and want to discuss your rights, we are here to help.  Contact King Law at 888-748- (5464) KING for a consultation.

We have offices located across western North Carolina and upstate South Carolina.  We are here to serve you and help navigate this journey you are on.  Call King Law today at 888-748-KING (5464) to schedule an appointment.

Legally reviewed by:
King Law
Carolina Attorneys
April 27, 2020

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