Stalking and harassment are sadly very common. One of the most unfortunate aspects of stalking and harassment is the fact that attorneys are usually needed before the offensive actions end. There is only so much that the police can do when someone is incessantly calling or texting you. Furthermore, without a threat of physical violence, stalking and harassment wind up as low priority cases. Receiving inappropriate, vile text messages can sometimes be difficult to act against simply because of how criminal law is structured. That is why if and when stalking and harassment occur, a good first step is contacting an attorney.

Our first step is to send a cease and desist letter. The reasoning behind this is simple; official letterheads often deter people from continuing to harass or stalk. The threat of legal action does pack a punch and can make the stalker realize that they need to stop. If the person doing the stalking and harassing is rational, though they probably are not if that is how they choose to spend their time, they will realize that the cost of this behavior will not outweigh the benefit. The cost for them is attorney’s fees for themselves and, depending on the severity of their actions, jail time, a fine, or probation. The benefit is naturally difficult to understand but in most cases the benefit that they derive from harassing you is not worth the colossal headache that results from prosecution or civil suit defense. They will also realize that you are determined to stop their offensive behavior and are willing to go through legal channels to do so. This lets them know that they will be stopped. If the person does not, however, then we will push for a restraining order and any other means of keeping a stalker away. Stalking and harassment are far too common and though it seems burdensome to hire an attorney, here at King Law we can help you feel safe again. Our number is 888-748-KING (5464).

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