Underage teens drinking

Underage drinking is common and happens everywhere across this country. Whether it is prom night or just a run of the mill party, our teens and young adults drink underage. What makes this worse is when these same young adults drive afterward. Although Uber is now in most towns and cities around the country, public transportation is not widely available. North and South Carolina are both states that have little in the way of public transportation. Often, children are scared to call their parents for a ride for fear of getting into trouble. But this can just lead to even more problems. Parents and children alike need to be aware of the consequences of underage drinking and driving.

The major problem with underage drinking and driving is that it combines two offenses. Normally, underage drinking tickets can be dealt with quickly. Drunk driving, however, is a much more serious charge. Yet the combination of the two creates a very difficult problem. Two of several consequences include suspension of the offender’s license or impounding of the offender’s vehicle. For a college student who needs to drive to class, or a teen working away from their home this can be devastating.

Repeat offenders can face even more serious penalties. Jail time, fines, probation, and juvenile detention are included in these possible penalties. Therefore, it is important to stay safe and be smart before getting behind the wheel. If you do run into this problem, there are legal solutions. Here at King Law we can help with that and work to ensure that the penalties will be fair. The best advice, however, is to schedule rides from parties and not to consume alcohol until the legal age to do so and even better advice Don’t drink and drive period.

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