What Businesses Are Essential and What Documentation Do Employees Need?

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We are all aware of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and have heard many facts and figures.  The latest are the many announcements for “stay-at-home” orders being issued.  As a result, we are getting lots of questions.  Many are asking what is an essential business?  What documentation do employees need to get back and forth to work?  Being a business owner carries a lot of responsibility and violations of these orders can result in criminal penalties.  We are encouraging everyone to be informed and know

Orders allow for essential services to continue.  This means that people can travel to and from work, travel to get food and pick-up necessary medicine.  But, it does ban gatherings and large groups of people and means that many will be required to work from home or not work at all.

King Law is here to help business owners in North Carolina and South Carolina determine if you are an “essential business” and to also provide you with the legal documents your employees will need to travel to and from work. Attorney Brian King has posted a video to the firm’s Facebook page explaining how King Law can help and you can watch it here.

King Law is available to speak with business owners by phone and video and answer your business questions.  Give King Law a call at 888-748-5464 (KING) to speak with an attorney, determine if your business is essential and obtain the proper paperwork for your employees.

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