Gastonia Theft Crimes Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with theft or larceny, you may be worried about what the future holds for you. Additionally, depending on your circumstances, you may be wondering what you can do in order to improve your outcome and other prospects as they relate to your charges.

At King Law, our criminal defense team is thoroughly familiar with criminal defense law, the consequences of crimes, and the defenses you might be able to make to improve your overall circumstances following a charge.

What Are the Consequences of Theft in Gastonia, North Carolina?

If you’ve been charged with theft or larceny in Gastonia, North Carolina, you may suffer some of the following consequences as a result:

  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Loss of some professional licenses
  • Presence on public record
  • Inability to keep or obtain certain jobs
  • Lack of ability to get certain loans

Some of these consequences come as a result of having a criminal record. If you would like to decrease some of these potential consequences, a qualified criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you build a strong case.

What Are the Types of Theft Offenses?

In North Carolina, there are a handful of different kinds of offenses you may face as a result of theft or larceny. Often, these will depend on how the items were stolen, as well as the value of the stolen goods. Some of the more common offense types include the following:

  • Misdemeanor larceny
  • Felony larceny
  • Misdemeanor possession of stolen goods
  • Felony possession of stolen goods

Felony charges are generally reserved for instances where the total value of stolen items is above $1,000, if you’ve stolen a firearm or explosive, or if you’ve robbed a person or committed a burglary.

What Are the Differences Between Larceny and Theft in Gastonia, North Carolina?

In general, larceny and theft are quite similar to each other, but some may mistakenly use them interchangeably when they are not exactly the same. Larceny is considered a less extreme version of theft legally. However, in North Carolina, including Gastonia, personal property being stolen is categorized as larceny almost exclusively.

How Can an Attorney Help With My Gastonia Theft Charges?

If you’ve been charged with larceny or theft in Gastonia, North Carolina, a qualified criminal defense attorney may be able to help in several areas of the legal process.

Legal Knowledge

Your lawyer likely has expansive knowledge of criminal defense law if they are qualified to represent you in your case. With this knowledge, they may be able to assist you in organizing your arguments, avoiding mistakes, and by using particular laws and precedents in your favor.


Your attorney may also have negotiation skills, which would be useful during hearings or other negotiation stages. This may be useful in describing your side of the case, while discussing consequences, and in making arguments.

Best Defenses and Arguments

If your lawyer has experience with theft cases, they may be aware of some of the best defenses or arguments you may be able to make during hearings. They may argue you were unaware or ignorant, that you made a mistake, the item was previously stolen and the loss was misattributed to you, or make a number of other compelling arguments in your favor.

Decreasing Consequences

Your attorney may also be able to decrease the potential consequences you face following your theft or larceny charges. In some cases, your lawyer may also be able to eliminate your charges or convictions completely.

Protect Your Rights With a Gastonia Theft Crimes Attorney From King Law

If you have been charged with larceny or theft, we at King Law may be able to help. We are highly adept in a number of legal areas, including criminal defense and theft law. Our legal team has assisted a number of clients with their own theft cases, and we’re dedicated to making sure our clients feel supported through every step of the legal process.

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