Three Tips for Successfully Getting Through a Custody Case

When facing a custody battle there are a few things you should always do.  In this blog post we are going to share the top three tips for successfully getting through a custody case. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media has had a huge impact on custody battles. One may not (more…)

I’m not the biological parent, but I’ve been present for the entirety of the child’s life.

The family dynamic is ever changing these days, and there is no such thing as the status quo anymore. It is becoming increasingly frequent that we see blended families come together, shifting roles as caregivers, with grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even siblings helping to raise children. This has truly brought to fruition the idiom, (more…)

Which Parent is Responsible for a Child’s Medical Expenses After a Divorce?

A child’s medical expenses are an important item that should be included in all discussions of child support. As with other aspects of a divorce, it is preferable for the parties to come to a mutual agreement on the issue of the child’s medical expenses. If the parties can’t agree, a judge can order either (more…)

When to Use Wage Garnishment to Enforce a Child Support Order

Non-custodial parents are often required to pay child support in North Carolina. When these payments aren’t made, the custodial parent has the option of getting a court order for a wage garnishment from the custodial parent to enforce the child support obligation. However, many cases now require the use of automatic income withholding orders in (more…)

Changed Circumstances Could Require a Child Support Modification

Once you’ve been ordered to pay child support, that obligation generally continues every month until the child turns 18 or graduates from high school. However, sometimes your financial circumstances might suddenly change, making it difficult to support yourself and meet your child support obligations. Maybe you lost your job or were involved in an accident (more…)

How is Child Support Calculated in North and South Carolina?

Both North and South Carolina have general child support guidelines that are used to calculate how much child support a non-custodial parent must pay. These guidelines are generally followed unless there are special circumstances that warrant a deviation from the guidelines. These factors are the most important considerations when calculating child support payments: child custody (more…)

How Imputed Income Affects Child Support Payments in North Carolina

North Carolina has legal guidelines used to calculate a parent’s child support payments. These guidelines create a rebuttable presumption of the amount of a child support a parent must pay. A court will only deviate from these guidelines upon a showing that the child’s needs are not being met or a parent’s ability to pay (more…)

What Prospective Birth Parents Should Know About North Carolina Adoption Laws

North Carolina has several laws that protect the rights of birth parents who are considering placing their baby for adoption. Finding the right adoptive parents for your child can be a complex process, and these laws are designed to clearly spell out your rights and obligations. North Carolina birth parents may be interested in having (more…)

What Can Prevent an Adoption from Being Approved in North Carolina?

The adoption process in North Carolina can be long and difficult, but adoptive parents who are able to successfully fulfill the legal requirements are rewarded with the priceless gift of a new child in their home. However, failing to carefully follow all North Carolina adoption laws can prevent your adoption from being completed. The following (more…)

North Carolina Adoptions: The Home Study Process

Prospective adoptive parents in North Carolina must comply with the state’s pre-placement and post-placement assessment laws. The process is commonly referred to as a “home study” and is designed to make sure that the adoptive parents are fit to become parents or bring an additional child into their home. There is one major exception to (more…)