Protecting Your Parental Rights

One of the saddest parts of divorce and relationship break ups are the separation of children from a parent.  Generally, one parent will have the majority of the time with the children and one parent gets more limited time. If you are a parent who is receiving less time with your children it is very (more…)

My Spouse Wants A Divorce, Do I Really Need to Hire a Lawyer?

Short answer: It depends. Long answer: while you do in fact have the right to represent yourself in a divorce case, it’s not always the best idea. The money that you typically “save” by representing yourself can potentially end up costing you ten times what you saved by the end of the proceedings. The best (more…)

Adult Adoptions

Many people think adoption can only take place when there is a small child or someone who is under the age if eighteen. However, adult adoptions are another type of adoption that can be done in North Carolina and most other states. Adoptions of all types are covered by Chapter 48 of North Carolina General (more…)

An Overview of the Adoption Process

The bond between parent and child is sacred.   Whether the child is biological or not makes no difference in the eyes of the law when it comes to this bond. Both require protection and legal procedures to ensure that children are cared for properly.   Thus, the adoption process isn’t a simple one. North (more…)

Why a Prenuptial Agreement May Be a Good Idea

When you get engaged to your significant other, there is not a lot on your mind other than living happily ever after with the person of your dreams. Because of these emotions, it can be difficult to plan for the idea that potentially your marriage may end in divorce. Any plans that you make for (more…)

The ABCs of Protective Orders

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  In King Law’s efforts to raise awareness this month, here are some simple ABC’s of domestic violence in North Carolina.  First, are you in an Abusive relationship? Next, can you get a 50B domestic violence protective order?  Or, do you need a 50C civil no-contact order? Are you in (more…)

How the Courts Determine an Entrepreneur’s Child Support Payments

Every entrepreneur understands risk. There’s no guarantee that people are going to like the product as much as a startup owner thinks (and hopes) they will. And it’s possible that the market isn’t as large as originally predicted. But business owners have made their piece with unpredictability. The unknown that comes with risk is just (more…)

What to do if someone isn’t following a custody order

If you are faced with a situation where the other parent to your children is not following a custody order that has been entered by the Court, there is a way to bring the action back to court to help ensure that the custody order will be followed and the other parent will be punished (more…)

Help, My Ex Won’t Do What He Agreed To Do

In many South Carolina family law cases the parties reach agreement rather than have the judge rule on all issues involved in their divorce or custody case. There are two general reasons for this: (1) it saves time and money, and (2) the parties get to have a say and keep some control over what (more…)

Private Investigators and Child Custody Cases

Private investigators are often hired by concerned parents to follow the other parent while he or she has physical custody of the children. If a father is concerned that the mother is dating a known criminal or a father is concerned that the mother has multiple dating partners, this father could hire a private investigator (more…)