North Carolina Drug Trafficking Laws: General Statute § 90-95

Drug trafficking is taken extremely seriously in North Carolina, carrying some of the state’s harshest penalties. Many people may assume they could only be charged with drug trafficking if they make and sell drugs. However, anyone who possesses a large amount of an illegal substance could be arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Those convicted face steep penalties such as extended prison sentences and exorbitant fines.

If you are under investigation for drug trafficking in North Carolina, it is never too early to start preparing your defense. The trusted criminal defense attorneys at King Law understand what is at stake and are committed to being staunch advocates for your defense. Your lawyer will investigate your case from every angle to craft the best possible strategy and protect your rights.

Elements of Drug Trafficking in North Carolina

The North Carolina definition of drug trafficking covers several drug-related offenses. Drug trafficking can entail selling, transporting, or possessing a controlled substance such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, or methamphetamines. In order to make a drug trafficking charge stick, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you sold, delivered, or possessed the substance knowingly. If you are caught in possession of with the following amount of certain controlled substances, you may be charged with drug trafficking:

  • 10lbs of marijuana
  • 28g of cocaine 
  • 28g of methamphetamines
  • 4g of heroin or other opioids
  • 100 units of LSD
  • 28g of MDMA

It is important to note that these weights represent the least severe drug trafficking charges. While 10lbs of marijuana would be charged as a Class H felony, possession of 50lbs would be charged as the more severe class G.

Penalties for a North Carolina Drug Trafficking Conviction

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime, drug trafficking could be charged as a class C, D, E, F, G, or H felony. Each level and controlled substance has its own sentencing guidelines. However, even the most minor severe penalties could significantly impact your life. If convicted, you may spend anywhere from 2 to 18 years in prison and pay fines of up to $250,000. 

Since drug trafficking is a felony offense, a conviction may continue to impact your life long after your sentence is served. Convicted felons may face many life-long consequences, including:

  • A public and permanent criminal record
  • Loss of your right to bear arms 
  • Loss of the right to vote
  • Disqualification from government assistance such as student loans, Medicare, and Medicaid
  • Difficulty finding and maintaining employment
  • Difficulty finding housing
  • Difficulty maintaining your relationships and reputation

At King Law, we understand the effect a felony conviction can have on your life. Our attorneys will get to know you and every detail of your case to craft a defense strategy designed with your unique needs in mind. 

How to Defend Against Drug Trafficking Charges in North Carolina

In criminal cases, the burden of proof falls entirely on the prosecution. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will explore your case from every angle to erode their evidence against you. Your lawyer can help you by representing your interests in trial and negotiating on your behalf to get your charges dropped or reduced. At King Law, our attorneys are well-versed in various drug trafficking defense strategies, including:

  • The stop, search, or seizure was unlawful
  • The substance in question is not classified as a controlled substance
  • You did not knowingly possess the substance
  • You consented to the search while under duress
  • The officers did not follow proper procedures to obtain a search warrant
  • There is insufficient evidence against you

If certain mitigating factors apply to your case, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a reduction of your charges or penalties. Some mitigating factors include drug or alcohol rehabilitation, military service, or a clean criminal record. Your lawyer will work tirelessly to find out which mitigating factors and defenses apply to your situation so they can craft the best strategy possible.

Discuss Your Case With a Dependable North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer

A drug trafficking conviction could leave you feeling the after-effects for decades. If you face drug trafficking charges in North Carolina, you do not have to leave your case up to chance. An experienced and dependable attorney at King Law can defend your rights and help you navigate North Carolina’s complex justice system. Our accomplished legal team is passionate about standing up for the criminally accused and defending their interests. We pride ourselves on taking a personalized approach to every case to cater to our client’s unique legal needs. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your case will be handled expertly by an esteemed legal professional. 

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