Newland Drug Crimes Lawyer

In the United States, law enforcement agencies are facing increased pressure to ramp up the collection of fines, bail, bonds, and more to fund the government. Because of this, you need to be proactive when fighting off a drug charge.

Every defense attorney knows this, but they cannot act on your behalf without your explicit authorization. Rather than waiting to see how substantial your sentence may be, you should hire a Newland drug crimes lawyer from King Law, the preeminent attorneys in the Carolinas, and begin fighting those charges.

Reasons to Hire a Newland Drug Crimes Attorney

Getting in touch with a drug crimes attorney in Newland, NC as soon as possible is crucial, as they can help you deal with the following:

Ward Off Aggressive Charges

As a result of the pressure to prove they are working, it is commonplace for police and prosecutors to become overzealous during investigations and even file charges. They may look to get ahead of themselves and file the worst-possible indictment against you. They will only act on the information the police have gathered, which can be flawed or highly exaggerated. 

Having a drug crimes attorney with you means you have someone who can look over the prosecutor’s shoulder while the police and prosecution are conducting investigations. A lawyer will know which boundaries the investigators should not cross, and if they do, how to fight off the drug crimes charges so you can walk home free. 

Some charges you may encounter include:

  • Possession of controlled substances, where Class I through IV are Class I felonies
  • The sale or delivery of controlled substances, which can attract Class G and H felonies
  • Manufacture of controlled substances that can attract Class H and I felony charges
  • Possession of controlled substances with the intention to manufacture, sell, or deliver Here, the charges include Class H and I felonies
  • Drug trafficking offenses which can attract Class C, D, E, F, G, and H felonies and related prison sentences

Depending on the charges preferred against you, a competent drug crimes lawyer in Newland, NC may help you ward off the charges.  

Keep Tabs on Your Case

Unlike in the movies, drug charges aren’t a three- or five-day affair. They can take time to get to a court of law. At that time, you may want to know how the investigations against you are progressing, but the police aren’t inclined to keep you informed on the progress. Here is where your Newland drug crimes attorney comes in handy.

Pre-filing investigations do take time before the police file official charges. It will be up to your lawyer to find out the progress of the inquiry and provide you with timely updates. There’s just something about knowing how your adversaries are working that will give you peace of mind. You’ll no longer be in the dark, and you can mentally prepare yourself for the fight. 

Handle Law Enforcement on Your Behalf

The overarching theme of overzealousness continues at this point. During pre-filing investigations, the police may look to speak with you as much as possible. As the Miranda Warnings say, anything you say can and will be used against you. Every conversation you have with the police could be the evidence they use in court. The police may sound calm during the conversation, but you’ll need to remain diligent with your words.

Better still, don’t have a conversation with law enforcement without your drug crimes lawyer in Newland present, or allow your lawyer to handle the conversation on your behalf. Having an attorney present means knowing how police procedures work and having intimate knowledge of Newland drug laws. This way, the police don’t infringe on your rights with their ardor to unlawfully place drug charges on you.  

Hiring a Newland Drug Crimes Lawyer Places You at an Advantage

When facing a drug charge, the best defense gets you positive results. As such, you can enjoy various benefits of hiring competent legal representation. They include the following:

Understanding The Drug Charges

The legal lexicon isn’t as straightforward as the standard English dictionary. Suppose you aren’t familiar with Black’s Law Dictionary and other legal reference tomes; there’s a big chance you may not have the necessary experience and expertise to translate the meaning of the drug charges presented against you. Also, just because there are charges against you doesn’t mean they are unimpeachable; that’s what the court process is for. 

Our Newland drug crimes lawyers are specialized in drug crimes and thus will have a better chance of understanding the details of your case. They recognize what the indictment means and what they anticipate for your future. The attorney will then direct you on how to move forward concerning fighting off your case. 

Strengthening Your Drug Crime Defense

You have every right to defend yourself in court since it is a constitutional requirement in case you genuinely don’t want to work with a lawyer. Public defenders are society’s uncelebrated and unsung heroes, but unfortunately, their workload hinders them from handling your case with the full attention it requires. A drug crimes attorney may seem expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment considering what is at stake. You’ll have a team that will investigate every detail of the case against you, aiming to protect you and not jail.

A defense team will pore through evidence by leveraging professional investigators. Where possible, you end up with a team that will strategically put up a defense and fight to exonerate you of any charges. In case of procedural breaches, any evidence brought against you will be unconstitutional and, thus, inadmissible in court. The findings of the defense team’s investigations may also reduce the charges against you.

In all, you have a team that’s dedicated to protecting your future. Drug crimes could mean serious fines, penalties, and even lengthy spells in prison. The social upheaval your family will experience is not easily surmountable. Don’t put them and yourself through it. Fighting off the felony means keeping your record clean and maintaining your options for a bright future.

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