Waynesville Drug Crimes Lawyer

Having to appear in front of a judge to answer drug charges is one of the most pivotal moments in your life. You could lose years of your life in one instant, serving a prison sentence. While in there, you end up forfeiting so much more than just time.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. While the prosecutors and the police may want to put you behind bars, you do not have to end up there. What you need is the help of a competent Waynesville drug crimes attorney from King Law. A drug crimes lawyer can help you fight your drug charge.

Reasons Why You Need a Waynesville Drug Crimes Attorney

The legal process isn’t easy. We generally do not recommend you do so, although you have the right to speak for yourself in front of the court. A proper drug crimes attorney in Waynesville, NC can help with the following:

Protecting Your Rights

The laws of North Carolina give defendants certain rights in every case. The law enforcement machinery will not go out of its way to ensure you know of these allowances. As such, some indictments’ genesis can be why you get to walk away from that charge. These include:

  • Entrapment: These are situations where you may have committed a crime due to the influence or coercion of a law enforcement agent.
  • Wiretaps: Where such surveillance occurred without proper authorization and legal approval, it is deemed an invasion of privacy. 
  • Illegal arrests: This is the most typical form of drug charge initiation, where police stop and search without reasonable cause. They may also induce you to sign consent search forms after the fact. 
  • Search warrants: Not all such documentation is proper; they’re just preying on your ignorance of the subject to conduct an illegal search. A search is also an embarrassing and demoralizing experience for yourself and your family members. 
  • Forfeiture: It’s routine for police to take hold of your possessions such as cars, financial instruments, and property, to claim they are related to the charge. A routine does not mean it is legal.  

The above are just a few examples of facts in a case where you may get to walk away a free person.

Warding Off Employer Discrimination

Attracting a drug charge also brings social overtones that could result in discrimination, and drug charges take a long time to conclude. In such periods, it’s not far-fetched for employers to begin to mistreat you. It has happened before to the point others have been openly discriminated against. Retaining us means we will not only help you with courtroom troubles, but also enable you to navigate social problems. You will be able to come out the other side spotless and even in a better position than you were when the process began. 

Breaking Down Plea Deals in North Carolina

A plea deal is a choice of last resort for a defense attorney. By fighting for your rights, we may be able to expunge the evidence the law enforcement brings against you successfully, so you get to walk away without any record against your name. Prosecutors don’t like going the extra mile only for their cases to be thrown out by the judge. Instead, they resort to offering plea deals. By law, you have the right to contemplate it.

However, the terms of such a deed can be highly unfavorable to you, so our general advice is to reject it unless there is no other way out of the situation. We will walk you through every phrase in the plea deal and what it implies to you. Remember, a conviction can upset your carefully balanced family life and destabilize your loved ones. You are free to choose whether the deal works for you, but only consider it after we have gone through it together and you fully understand the ramifications of your choices.

Talk to a Drug Crimes Lawyer in Waynesville, NC at King Law 

Our experienced criminal law attorneys at King Law would love to be the reason you can walk home to your family, free, with a clean record. While you have the right to self-representation, you are at a better position when served by people with the legal know-how to get you out of your situation. 

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